Tax Season & ServeManager: Helpful Tools and Tips

Editors note: We are not tax advisors. The tips below are offered for informational purposes. Please consult with your tax advisor or attorney regarding your business.

ServeManager makes tax season easier for process servers! As we get closer to April 15, you want to make sure that you are getting the maximum possible savings when it comes to categorizing business expenses and calculating deductions. ServeManager has a few tools at your disposal that will help sort your data and provide a clear roadmap to success. 

Exporting Spreadsheets 

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Users have the ability to export spreadsheets of information out of ServeManager. These exports are in the form of a .CSV (comma separated value) file, and can be easily imported into other softwares, supplied to your tax advisor, or assist in your own calulations when determining deductions, a record of payroll, and a record of profit.

There are three sections where a user would want to export information when it comes to preparing your taxes:

  1. Invoicing - a detailed breakdown of invoice data including the client info, services appearing on invoices, line item amounts, amounts paid, payment dates, and line item tax rate (if applicable).
  2. Payments - an index of payments recorded on invoices and statements, inlcuding payment dates, payment descriptions, and filters to view payments submitted through Stripe.
  3. Server Pay - A payroll record when assigning jobs to contractors and servers.

As long as the user is diligent about updating their records in ServeManager, these exports will reflect accurate, up-to-date information related to your account.

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Add Taxes to Products

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In your account settings, you can enable the option to add taxes to your invoicing. After enabled, when creating new products or editing existing products, you can enter the tax rate amount. When creating an invoice and adding the product, the tax rate will be added to the product's total cost. For example, adding a 2% tax rate to a $100 product will result in the line item total to be $102. 

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Invoice Write-Offs & Discounts

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When adding products or new line items to invoices, you can incorporate discounts or write-off expenses by adding a negative sign "-" in front of the amount in the Cost column. This will subtract the line item cost from the subtotal of the invoice. 

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ServeManager's Mapping and Routing feature is a great tool that not only determines the turn-by-turn directions for each of the destinations added to the route, but also calculates the total mileage incurred. When creating a route you can choose the start/end locations of the trip, from here the system will calculate the directions to each job address, and display the total mileage of the route, and also details the mileage involved in travelling from address to address. If you write off mileage for your taxes, or if you inlcude mileage covered in your charges to the client, this section will come in handy when determining the total distance traveled while out serving.

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