Improved Date/Time Picker

We know how important efficient data entry is for process server software. Introducing our much improved date time picker for job due date, attempt logging and document uploads.

The new date/time picker is much more streamlined, and has a feel familiar to many airline booking sites. Navigating between months is very simple. You can now use the sliders to select a time of a service attempt precise to the minute, no more 5 minute increments.

Previous Version

Legacy Date/Time Picker

New Date/Time Picker

New Date/Time Picker


The previous date/time picker was a bit tricky to figure out. The buttons were small, selecting a time involved drop down menus, and you were only able to select times within 5 minute increments. Navigating between months also involved using drop down menus.

We hope this makes recording dates and times easier when logging service attempts, setting due dates and recording when documents were received! We're excited about the change, look for more improvements in other areas of the application very soon.

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