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ServeManager is backed by a passionate team of web developers and account managers with over 10 years of experience in the process serving industry.

We build your software. We are problem solvers, thinkers, doers. Our days are spent studying process and workflow, reading up on industry laws and the latest in software development, and making sure we fully understand the problems we're working to solve. We listened when process servers shared the struggles they're having in running their businesses, and that's why we built ServeManager.

Throughout every stage of development we collaborate with process servers to make sure the software we are building addresses the needs of every member of the industry—from the mom and pop shops to larger firms. It's our philosophy that you shouldn't need a manual to use a piece of software.

ServeManager isn't just about creating software, it's about creating something that will save you time.

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What sets the ServeManager team apart from those behind other products is our knowledge and passion for the process serving industry. From the people developing the software to the people providing support to our customers, our team is communicating with process servers every single day.

Supporting Your Software

We love supporting our software. We never outsource phone calls. Through account managers, technical support, and developer involvement, we are able to listen and interact with the process servers either already using or interested in getting started with ServeManager.

Our weekly webinars give us the chance to not only walk people through our software, but also to answer questions and get feedback on how ServeManager can be better. We are constantly maintaining and supporting our product while making important updates and incorporating new features.

We build and support this software to. “We talked to one lady who spends her Sunday planning out her week,” senior developer Chad Jolly says. “Hopefully ServeManager can get her her Sunday back and save her that four hours on the weekend when she should be with her family.”