Collaborate with Clients and Contractors

Invite clients and contractors to a free account, and collaborate on serves.


The Benefits

  • Eliminate duplicate data entry when clients and contractors update jobs.
  • The accuracy of data is typically better with fewer points of failure.
  • Real time service updates from the field.
  • Clients and contractors can immediately get the documents they need; anytime, from anywhere.
  • Everything in one place: communication, description of serve and documents.
  • Reduce or eliminate phone calls from clients who need a status update.
  • Giving clients the ability to login sets you apart from competitors as a professional within the industry.
  • Some clients may want or expect this feature. Use this to your advantage, and market this as one of the services you provide.
  • Retain clients who become invested in using your system.

Invite Companies or Individuals

You can invite clients and contractors to a free account, and collaborate on their jobs in ServeManager. Free accounts are by invitation only, and their features are limited.

Free Account for Clients

Clients such as law firms, collection agencies and pro se individuals can:

  • View the service status
  • View service attempts
  • Download and print affidavits
  • Send emails
  • Create jobs
  • Add employees

Free Account for Contractors

Contract process servers can:

  • Receive Jobs
  • Record service attempts
  • Save GPS from mobile site
  • Edit, print and email affidavits
  • Send emails

The Invitation Process

1. You Invite a Company

Two things are required before you can invite a company or individual:

  • The company needs a primary contact with an email address.
  • You need to create at least one job for the company.

Invite a Company

2. They Receive an Email Invitation

An example of the email invitation

John Smith (ServeManager Process Servers, Inc.) invited you to collaborate on jobs in ServeManager.

Follow this link to accept the invitation:

You will be prompted to create a free account.

If you already have an account, you may be asked to login before you can accept the invitation.

3. They Register for a Free Account

The Company Registers

You will receive an email after they register and accept the invitation.

Visibility and Email

Visibility and email are independent features, which gives you the flexibility of doing one or both.

For example, your client only wants to receive an email notice if the papers are served, not for unsuccessful attempts. But, when they login they expect to see all the attempts for a given job. Because the features are independent, you can set each service attempt as visible to the client, but only send the email notification when it's finally served.

Visibility and Email

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