ServeManager is a Member Benefit for Over 100,000 Members of The Florida Bar

If you're a process server in Florida, or you have law firm clients in Florida, your ServeManager subscription just got a whole lot more valuable!


Along with some of the most recognizable names in legal technology, ServeManager was invited to meet with The Florida Bar's Member Benefit Committee. During the presentation, we were able to share why attorneys who work with process servers that use ServeManager are 89% more satisfied than when working with process servers who use some other or no software at all. As a result, ServeManager has officially been added as a Florida Bar Member Benefit and is now accessible to the over 100,000 active members!

It was an honor to just be mentioned in the same conversation as some of the companies that were being considered. We are thrilled to show Florida Bar members how ServeManager can streamline their service of process, help them access quality process servers, and provide them with the information they need regarding their papers in the field.

ServeManager co-founder Adam Camras

Camras shares that for a lot of firms, process serving can seem to fall into a black hole after papers leave their desk. With increased concern about security and the request for more frequent updates, it's never been more important for process servers to take the initiative and find more effective ways to communicate with their clients.

ServeManager offers law firms and their employees a dashboard where they can:

  • Get documents in the field quickly
  • Collaborate with multiple process serving firms
  • View status of all serves and get real-time updates
  • Access GPS data, service photos, and timestamps
  • Access job archive with history and affidavits

As a tool for transparency and communication between the law firm and the process server, process servers who use ServeManager report that their clients are happier. As a Member Benefit for members of The Florida Bar, ServeManager is more accessible than ever, and your software use just became a great selling tool!

For our process server customers in Florida, and throughout the U.S., using ServeManager just got a lot more valuable! Their software just became a platform to connect them with new law firm clients and improve their business.

ServeManager co-founder Trent Carlyle

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