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Switching to ServeManager From Your Current Software is Easy

Why Switch to ServeManager?

ServeManager is run by ServeNow, a company with over a decade in the process serving industry. Process servers who switch to ServeManager report that it saves them an average of 13 minutes per job compared with their previous software, and 96% report an improvement in workflow.

When you switch to ServeManager, you can:

You can read more on why ServeManager is a great choice for your company here: 7 Reasons Your Process Servers Should Use ServeManager.

So superior to [my previous software]. ServeManager cuts work time in half and is much easier to learn. We did side by side tests with our previous software, and with ServeManager we completed the job in half the time and with no errors.

Matt Kemp, Level-1 Litigation Support Services, Inc.

ServeManager does things for my business that my old software provider simply could not. Example: the ability to grow with your customer's needs with integrations such as Stripe, which helps me get paid faster, and MailChimp, which allows me to connect with my clients on a bi-weekly basis with just a click of a button. Which means I no longer have to spend extra man hours manually billing clients. Customers can now directly order from my website and the data goes to into ServeManager, and the funds go into my bank account. Sometimes I get orders in my sleep! Definitely a game changer!

Brandon Harlee, Harlee Civil Process

[My previous software] was a headache. It wasn’t as good as ServeManager, and all the other software options I’ve researched I haven’t tried because I haven’t heard good things about them.

Frank L. Rubin, FLR Investigations

With ServeManager, we have less frustration about inputting data and not being able to find documents, information, or know where things stand for each service. We have a very organized system that can be updated and accessed by anyone. That allows all of us to be able to know exactly what is happening for each case and be able to communicate that with the client. Love it...most of our servers use the phone app. In the field, it allows freedom to be away from office if needed and still be able to operate ServeManager and stay connected. Our communication with our customers has been so much better and easier. Using the phone app and sending real-time updates is really important to our clients. We rarely have clients have to call us to know where their job stands.

Jann Heater, Iowa Process Service

How We Make Switching Easy

We've worked to make the transition to ServeManager as smooth as possible for our customers. Here's how:

Support Available Throughout Your Transition... and Beyond

Our in-house support staff works with our customers to ensure any challenges they have in adapting to the software during the transition are addressed quickly. You can call and get your questions answered by a real person or attend our weekly training webinars or pro series to learn about the software's basics and new features.

100% improvement [from our previous software]! There was very little support, technically or otherwise, with our previous software. ServeManager is always willing to help and does a great job explaining things to us. We SO appreciate their willingness to change and improve based on customers' needs. We also like the webinars and the blogs.

Jann Heater, Iowa Process Service

I thank [ServeManager] for their extended professional courtesy to me when I was in need of their IT help. Time and time again SERVEMANAGER.COM says what they say they are going to do.

Julie Anne Sorensen, Excalibur Attorney Service

Thinking About Transitioning to ServeManager?

Get started with ServeManager today and see time savings, workflow improvements, and cost savings. But don't take our word for it. Take it from our clients:

DO IT!!! It will be easier than you think and help is available. It will be the best decision you can make for your business.

Jann Heater, Iowa Process Service

We moved from an older software to ServeManager for our process serving and photocopy work. It has been a MAJOR help to our business. The software is smooth, intuitive, reliable and saves us significant time and hassle. More importantly, the people behind it are wonderful to work with and extremely responsive - something hard to find in a tech company.

Joseph Jones, Bosco Legal Services