Starting and Growing Your Business with ServeManager: FLR Investigations


FLR Investigations

Owned by Frank L. Rubin
In business since 2016
Based in Blanchard, Oklahoma

After 10 years of medical coding, Frank Rubin was burnt out. With a degree in criminal justice, he explored potential opportunities that would utilize his degree, and decided to step up his credentials by getting his PI license. He considered getting a bounty hunter or process serving license, but decided to go with process serving because it’s safer and he has a family. He now owns FLR Investigations, based in Blanchard, Oklahoma, and serves all over the state. After building his business and putting everything he had into it, Frank is now making more than he was at his medical coding job and is a member of the Oklahoma State Process Servers Association. One tool he found instrumental to his success was ServeManager.

“I have 4 big clients. One of them pretty much pays my mortgage and the other three pay really, really well. I’ve also got a handful of attorneys that use me quite frequently,” Frank said. “ServeManager is probably one of the best investments I’ve ever made in this business. I don’t know what I’d do without it to be honest with you.”

Frank describes ServeManager as flawless.

It’s been flawless. Very, very flawless. ServeManager works smoothly. What I really like about ServeManager is that it’s very, very user-friendly. I’m not a computer expert and I’m not a dummy either, but one thing I like about ServeManager is that it’s easy to use.

Here are some of the specific benefits Frank has found in working with ServeManager:


When he first started out, Frank was writing all of his affidavits by hand. At one time he had 17 he needed to write at once, and found it really frustrating and time consuming.

I’ve only been with ServeManager 2-3 months. There’s no doubt in my mind that ServeManager has saved me time. If I didn’t have ServeManager I probably wouldn’t have this many clients, just because I was handwriting my affidavits and especially when I had over 10 it would take me hours to do it. Now if I have a whole stack I need to do I’m done in 30 minutes.”

In addition to affidavit generation, Frank is a particular fan of the postal affidavit that was recently added. Frank says that he needs a forwarding address pretty frequently, and rather than having a form on him at all times, he just relies on ServeManager, and ever since that form came out he’s been saving even more time.

Able to handle volume without another employee

In the past three months, Frank has picked up four large clients, and says that if he were still doing affidavits by hand there’s no way he would be able to handle the volume.

I know for a fact if I was doing business [without software], I would have a problem to deal with. Now I don’t, because with ServeManager, when a client calls me once a month and gives me 18 papers, [handwriting affidavits] would have cut into my time real quick. But now I don’t have to worry about it, because I’ve got ServeManager, and I’m proud to say I’ve got ServeManager.”

Frank says that by January 1st he will be bumping up his Servemanager plan to the next level, because every week he’s getting calls and picking up at least one new client. ServeManager was designed to seamlessly grow as your business grows, offering tiered pricing based on your jobs per month.

Automated updates to the client

Frank and his clients have begun to experience the benefits and immense time savings of ServeManager’s core benefit: collaboration and client communication. Frank has set up notifications on three different clients in the past month, and he can tell they’ve been checking the notifications to see progress on their serves.

“They know I’m out there working and they know I’m doing my attempts,” Frank said. “95% of my clients want updates. I don’t have to call them and give them updates, because they can log in and see that I served this guy yesterday and they know I’ll be in in a day or two with my return.”

Compared to other software options

Before using ServeManager, Frank had been contacted by another company and tried their software that came with an app. “It was a headache,” Frank said. “It wasn’t as good as ServeManager. All the other software options I’ve researched but haven’t tried I haven’t heard good things about.”

Web-based software

“I understand why web-based is better than app-based. Apps can crash and give you errors. I’m okay with ServeManager being web-based, because I can switch to desktop and add a job.”

How Frank found ServeManager

Frank found out about ServeManager when he was searching online for a company that would allow him to manage his cases but also plug in GPS coordinates.

I signed up for the free trial, and John (with ServeManager) called me and said, ‘Look man, I know I’m a salesman but I promise you can cancel after the first month.’ I tried it the first month and I thought, oh my word, why didn’t I try this six months ago?”

Frank encourages anyone who’s interested in using ServeManager to sign up for a free trial. “Any person I run into that’s in process serving I always recommend ServeManager.”

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