One Legal wants you... to serve papers!

One Legal, a California-based attorney services firm, is working with ServeManager to help grow their network of trusted affiliates throughout the US. 

For over 25 years, One Legal has remained relevant by embracing technology. They want to work with the best and most reliable process servers and know that ServeManager users are embracing technology that allows them to be efficient, accurate and transparent. 

In the coming months our teams will be working on a software integration which will allow One Legal to easily send jobs to ServeManager users. Updates from ServeManager will also flow back to One Legal automatically. This relationship is very similar to what ServeManager has created with other large, Nationwide attorney service firms to drive more jobs to our customers. 

ServeManager will be one of the preferred software solutions for One Legal’s affiliate network.

If you’re not yet a One Legal affiliate, and you’re interested in receiving work from them, please visit their affiliate page. If you do work with One Legal, stay tuned as to how you can receive their jobs more easily. 

Partnering and integrating with firms like One Legal is another way we're helping our customers grow their business. 

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