5 reasons California Process Servers should use ServeManager

ServeManager is the fastest growing software solution for process servers throughout the country - we even have users in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK.

Our growth and usage in California is no exception. California customers create more jobs per month than any other state. If you’re not already using ServeManager to manage your document retrieval and process serving work, here are 5 reasons why you should be.

1. We have California affidavits

California is very specific about their affidavit requirements, and we’ve built all those into ServeManager. The below image shows how easy it is to select your affidavit template.  

California Affidavits


2. Quickly and easily generate record retrieval packets

If you provide record retrieval services (aka photocopy), or are looking to, ServeManager makes generating retrieval packets easy. If this feature is turned on in your account, you’ll be able to fill out the retrieval job's pertinent fields including deposition, attorney, facility, opposing counsel, and more. Creating each of these jobs should take only a couple minutes. 

ServeManager Photocopy, Document Retrieval Job Screen 

After creating your job in ServeManager, you’ll be able to generate individual retrieval documents, or you can select “Photocopy Packet” - a 30-page packet which includes a field sheet, the necessary forms for retrieval, cover sheets, and additional copies for other parties should they also require a set.

California document retrieval and photocopy packet  

3. Some of the biggest California legal support firms use ServeManager

Some of the largest firms in California trust ServeManager to manage their service of process and document retrieval work.

Bosco Legal Services out of Riverside used an aging California-specific software for 14 years. Moving a 40+ person company to a new software and making changes to workflow can be a monumental task. But, it's the companies that are willing to disrupt their business and adapt that remain relevant and continue to grow. We worked closely with the Bosco team for over a year, helping them dial in workflow and move to a more modern software solution.

 servemanager joseph joe jones bosco

"Typically when working with tech guys, it’s a painful process where they only speak in geek and don’t really get the business processes. The ServeManager team is easy to get ahold of, easy to understand and communicate with, and they get the needs of their clients because they’ve taken the time to learn the industry."
- Joseph Jones, Vice President of Bosco Legal Services.

In addition, First Legal, one of the largest firms in California and throughout the U.S., has integrated with ServeManager to manage their service of process work. By connecting their in-house systems to ServeManager via our API, they’ve been able to increase their efficiency and utilize a feature-set that they don't need to build and maintain internally.

4. Zero (or very low) set-up fees

There’s no set-up fee to start using ServeManager, and you can be up and running with your free trial in just a couple minutes after you create your account. All the California docs are built in. We also don't charge for user seats - you can have as many as you need. Our pricing is based on your job volume and starts as low as $29 per month. 

There is a nominal fee to set up a photocopy packet or address custom document needs.

5. Free Stuff

We’ve got the best free goodies! Come say hi at the CALSPro Conference in Palm Springs this weekend for some free goodies. T-shirts, stickers, and these really cool flexible calculators. Not going to the conference? We’d be happy to send you a ServeManager care package for registering for our free trial - just drop us a line!

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