ProSeries Webinar: ServeManager Payments and the Integrated Order Form

According to a customer survey, ServeManager Payments (powered by Stripe) is saving companies more than 10 minutes per invoice by being able to collect payment via credit card right from their ServeManager invoices. Their past due balances are going down, and they're spending less time collecting.

Before ServeManager payments they were getting paid in less than 10 days only 28% of the time. After enabled ServeManager payments, this jumped to 68%! As a business owner, you know how important cashflow is critical to keep your business running.

In this webinar we go over two ServeManager time savers. ServeManager payments, is one of the easiest ways to save time in receiving your money from clients. The integrated order form allows visitors to your website to order services. Both of these features can work together or independently. Our goals include making managing your business easier, and both ServeManager Payments and the Integrated Order Form, set out to do just that!

What is ServeManager Payments?

By partnerning with the payment processing company Stripe, ServeManager can allow your clients pay you directly from your provided invoices. The funds paid would be then placed inside your bank account. By making it easier for your clients to pay you, they will be more inclined to do so. In fact a survey revealed that, after turning on ServeManager payments, most of our users reduced the time to be paid to less than 10 days.

Percentage of users receiving payment under 10 days

Stripe is the payment platform that major technology and internet based companies rely on. There are numerous benefits to using Stripe and funds are usually available in your Stripe account within 48 hours of receiving payment from your customers. Having a Stripe account means you don't have to have a merchant account. Stripe is a secure vault for your customer's payment information. You can use Stripe to process payments via their interface if you have a client that's paying outside of ServeManager or your website form. It's an extremely powerful platform.

The fees for processing these payments are as follows:

  • 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction from Stripe
  • 1% from ServeManager

So, if you charge $50 for a serve, $2.25 will be deducted.

How to turn on

To take advantage of these features, you'll first want to authorize the Stripe integration inside ServeManager. To do this, go to "Settings" then scroll to the bottom of that page

   "My Account" --> "Settings" --> Click "Manage" next to "Accept Online Payments" - or just click here (if you're logged in to ServeManager) 

Stripe Authorize

When you get to this page, you'll be prompted to connect your Stripe account. If you don't already have a Stripe account, you'll be sent to a page to create your account (see below). If you already have a Stripe account this step will allow you to connect your account. 

Stripe sign-up

Please have the routing and bank account number for your business handy so you can get paid. You'll also be asked for your FEIN, but that field is optional. You will also be asked about your company website. If you happen to not have a website, you can use your social media profile.

What is visible to your client

Here's what your invoices and statements will look like with the "Pay with Card" button.

ServeManager invoice with button

After they click the "Pay with Card" link, they are presented with a simple credit card form to enter their payment details.

ServeManager invoice with credit card fields

You are also able to input your client's credit card information yourself, when you record a payment on an invoice, by selecting the enter credit card payment link.

Learn more about saving time with ServeManager Payments here.

Integrated Order Form

Order forms provide you with the information you need without wasting time emailing or calling your client back and forth. Our order forms connect to ServeManager so that clients' service requests automatically populate a new job in your account.

ServeManager order forms can be linked on your website, email signature, and online profiles. This makes ordering from your company even easier and helps drive business your way!

We have two different types of forms available. One form requires prepayment, the other form does not.

Order Form Options and Details

Order Form with Prepayment

  • Job automatically populate in your ServeManager account.
  • Requires prepayment & collects billing payment information.
  • Integrates with Stripe account & ServeManager invoices
  • Up to 4 service price points.
    • Flat rates only.
  • $100*

Order Form w/o Prepayment

  • Job automatically populate in your ServeManager account.
  • Does not require prepayment.
  • Payment is collected outside of form.
  • Works best for companies who charge custom rates.
  • General form. Does not use specific products or charge custom rates.
    • No price points tied to form.
  • $200*

*This charge will be added to your next regular ServeManager bill.

Order Form Preview

Order Form with Prepayment

SM Order Form Example

Order Form without Prepayment

SM Order Form Example

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