Meet Our Team

ServeManager doesn’t run itself. Meet the dedicated team behind your favorite process service software and hear what they have to say about the product they know and love.

ServeManager + ServeManager Team + Trent Carlyle

Trent Carlyle

World’s Best Boss

It’s really cool to see the collaborative components come together adding value to not only our customers but the folks that hire process servers as well.

Jeremy Church

Lead UI Engineer
Motorcycle Buff

ServeManager + ServeManager Team + Jeremy Church

It’s good as a developer to make sure that you’re talking to the customers because, if you’re not, then you’re not able to build exactly what they need. You’re just sort of building what you think they might need.

ServeManager + ServeManager Team + Mindy Naumer

Mindy Naumer

Senior Marketing Consultant
Best Laugh

What I love most about selling ServeManager is I get to talk to customers that run small businesses and really help them run those businesses more efficiently.

John Talifer

Senior Sales Associate
Diet Mountain Dew Addict
Huge Deadhead

ServeManager + ServeManager Team + John Talifer

I love watching people utilize our software to grow their business. It’s absolutely priceless to me and I’m just happy that we have a solution that allows people to go out there and make more money.

ServeManager + ServeManager Team + Carlos Gochez

Carlos Gochez

Senior Engineer
Soccer Wizard

My favorite part of ServeManager is the affidavit engine. We built it in a great way that enables us to create or edit any affidavit according to our clients’ needs.

Jordan O'Brian

Customer Success Specialist
Corn Dog Enthusiast

ServeManager + ServeManager Team + Jordan O'Brian

We’re here for them. We’re not just trying to push a software to people that they don’t need, we’ve built something that is utilized by professionals to make their profession a little easier.

ServeManager + ServeManager Team + Madison Markel

Madison Markel

Software Engineer
Hot Sauce Aficionado

What I like most about my job is the opportunity to explore different mediums, look into different solutions for marketing problems that we’re facing and seeing what’s going to work best, what’s going to be most effective.

Chad Jolly

Lead Engineer
Beer Lover

ServeManager + ServeManager Team + Chad Jolly

We not only have initial developers working on it, the rest of the developers also get in there, review the code, approve it, or ask for changes before we put it into production. That helps with quality, reliability, and keeping ServeManager running.

ServeManager + ServeManager Team + Jose Trujillo

Jose Trujillo

Software Engineer
Best Hair

Personally, I’m quite proud of the advancements we’ve made at ServeManager. Since I first started we’ve pretty much tripled our customer base and in such a short time frame. I think it means we’re doing something right.

Justin Jeffries

Support Manager
Cat Dad (and almost human dad)

ServeManager + ServeManager Team + Justin Jeffries

I make a lot of custom documents and a lot of times people have requests that they didn’t really think were possible and to show somebody that something that wasn’t possible actually is is a pretty great feeling.

ServeManager + ServeManager Team + Nathan Benes

Nathan Benes

Senior Engineer
Avid Gamer

It’s really important that our software is thoroughly tested and works well in our staging environment so that there aren’t any bugs when it gets in our customers’ hands. It needs to work flawlessly so that they don’t have any problems.

And to prove that we have a sparkling sense of humor, here’s a bonus video for your viewing pleasure.


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