ServeManager + Stripe: "Remember Me" Payment Feature

Stripe’s New “Remember Me” Option Makes Online Payments Even Easier!

ServeManager and Stripe work hand-in-hand to deliver the most efficient method for collecting payments from clients in a secure, easy format.

Stripe recently released a new update that allows clients to save their billing information for repeat transactions.

 Stripe Remember Me

When paying an invoice or statement with Stripe’s integration, your clients can choose to check a box that will remember their credit card information for the next transaction. This is local to the computer your client uses, so the next time they open an invoice or statement on their computer, their credit card info will already be filled in. They can just click PAY to confirm the transaction. 

 Stripe Remember Me 2

As an additional security measure, Stripe will prompt your client to enter their mobile phone number for identity verification.

Clients can edit the card information if need be, Stripe will store the most recent information.

 Stripe Remember Me 3

If your clients ever try to pay from a different computer, or if they log out, Stripe will send a verification code to their mobile phone number for authentication, just another step in keeping your information secure.

Click here to learn more about Stripe’s Integrated Payment Feature and how you can get paid faster!

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