New Feature: Company Specific Uploads

ServeManager is constantly being updated to meet the needs of our users. Our latest update allows users to upload files to a company listed in your account. Done are the days of searching through emails, or housing files externally to find the documents you need. You can now upload files such as tax documents, contracts, or other company specific documents that you would like to store, directly into your ServeManager account.

This update is the beginning of an overhaul of how uploads are handled in ServeManager. We'll be sharing with you in the near future more updates on new ways  ServeManager users can handle their uploads.

Follow along to begin using company uploads today:

First select companies from the left toolbar and then select the particular company you would like to upload files for on this list. If the company has not been created yet, you can add this company by selecting the new company button and then save.

Once the appropriate listing has been selected, you will see on the right side an area for uploads:

You can use the upload attachment link to add a document. You can add a document by choosing a file, giving it a title to display in ServeManager, and then saving.

Once a file has been uploaded and saved, you can open and download the file from this company's listing page:

You are able to add additional uploads, and delete past uploads by using the atachments manage link.

Let us know how this new feature is working for you! Feel free to contact us with any comments questions or concerns.

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