ServeManager Order Forms

ServeManager’s New Integrated Order Form System


As ServeManager and ServeNow continue to offer great workflow solutions to our user base, we are constantly thinking of new innovative methods to integrate and simplify the process of getting work from clients into the process server’s hands. 

Up until now, our order form system was a great method for linking the process server’s website with their ServeManager account, letting clients submit jobs through the form that are automatically submitted to their ServeManager account.

ServeManager is moving away from Formstack (the website we used to build and integrate order forms with people’s websites) and offering our own order form solution. Our new integrated order form system simplifies the process even further, and can now be integrated with your ServeNow profile, making the job submission task as easy as can be!

Here's why we're making the switch:

  • This solution will be more stable and reliable compared to outsourcing our form solution to Formstack
  • Our forms allow multiple file uploads in the Documents to be Served section
  • Subscribers can manage and edit their forms within ServeManager
  • Custom branding for the form's URL so the form feels like an organic part of your website
  • Stripe can be enabled on the form, so your clients can prepay when submitting jobs
  • Forms can allow up to 8 different products with custom price points (with Formstack, each product needed a different price)
  • Mulitple forms can be created (e.g. forms for different states, pro-se forms, law firm forms, etc.)
  • Forms can be included in emails to customers and other marketing channels
  • Linking the forms off of ServeNow makes the process fast and easy for potential customers to order and pay (The Stripe integration will be required in order to link the form to ServeNow)

If you have an existing Formstack order form, please update all links to your new order form by December 31st. You can access and edit your order form's URL in your account settings

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