ServeManager Session: How The Exchange Fuels Your Agency's Growth and Success

We're thrilled to announce that the first ServeManager Sessions, our complimentary virtual event series designed for process serving agencies like yours, is now available for on-demand viewing. This series is dedicated to harnessing technology and innovation to foster business growth and success.

In our opening session, we spotlighted the Exchange – a critical ServeManager integration revolutionizing the way process servers and law firms collaborate.

If you missed the live event, here’s your opportunity to see how the Exchange can simplify operations, improve client communication, and accelerate payments, positioning your agency ahead of the curve. Watch the recording to gain valuable insights, strategies, and the tools necessary to excel in today's process serving landscape.

Webinar Q&A

How can licensed private investigators add their services in the areas they cover?
Licensed private investigators can indicate to law firms that they offer additional services like Skip Trace and Stakeouts on their profiles, despite current functionalities being limited to service of process work.

Does ServeManager take a percentage of invoices for work processed through the Exchange? Are clients required to pay by credit card, or can they opt for checks?
A 5% fee is applied to the total invoice for Exchange jobs, with a range between a minimum of $5 and a maximum of $15. All client payments are processed through the InfoTrack platform, accommodating various methods.

Will the billing be direct to the law firm, or are costs forwarded to us?
Billing is direct to the law firm via the InfoTrack platform, streamlining the payment process without intermediaries.

Who can see the pricing that companies input, and where is it visible?
Your pricing is exclusively visible to law firms searching for service of process via the InfoTrack platform, ensuring confidentiality and targeted visibility.

Is it possible to adjust pricing within a county by adding or removing specific zip codes?
While specific ZIP codes can be added or removed, current system capabilities do not allow for ZIP code level pricing adjustments.

What's the difference between the 'One Legal' and 'Exchange' tabs in my account?
The 'One Legal' tab pertains to integration with a California-based agency for receiving contract work, whereas the 'Exchange' tab facilitates collaboration with your clients and access to new law firms needing service of process via the InfoTrack platform.

How does this service protect us as process servers from clients choosing cheaper alternatives?
By inviting a client to the Exchange, they are locked into using you as their preferred process serving agency, shielding you from competition within the platform.

If we have an EIN, do we still need to upload a W-9?
Yes, a W-9 is required for all participants, regardless of having an EIN, to ensure compliance and proper documentation.

How can we inform attorney clients about this product?
A feature rollout is imminent, enabling direct invites to law firms from ServeManager. Until then, direct communication via call or email is encouraged, and our team is available to assist in crafting effective messages.

Can I set individual prices for zip codes in rural and large counties?
Pricing is currently managed at the county level, with future updates planned to allow ZIP code-specific pricing adjustments.

Does the ServeManager Wallet integrate with QuickBooks, and how does it handle different payment schedules like monthly or net-30?
Currently, the ServeManager Wallet does not directly integrate with QuickBooks. However, ServeManager does feature an integration with QuickBooks that works through ServeManager Invoices. This setup ensures that payments received via the Wallet are aligned with your invoicing, facilitating a variety of payment schedules, including monthly or net-30, to accommodate your business's financial operations.

Are there banking fees associated with money transfers to our wallet? Are there chargebacks for unpaid bills by law firms?
No banking fees are applied to standard transfers from the Wallet. However, expedited transfers do come with a fee. As for chargeback risks, these are managed by InfoTrack, protecting process servers from financial liabilities and ensuring a secure financial environment.

How do law firms send jobs for service? Is it integrated with the e-filing process?
Law firms connected via the Exchange can send jobs directly to your ServeManager account, leveraging both their practice management software and the InfoTrack platform, including e-filing integration.

Can we offer custom pricing, such as discounted rates for serving registered agents?
Custom pricing and discounts are not currently supported in the Exchange, focusing on standardized rates for clarity and consistency.

Who determines when a job is complete? Can additional invoice items be added to our services?
The law firm has up to three business days to approve the affidavit, at which point the job is considered complete. If the law firm approves the affidavit, the job is considered complete. Additional line items can be added to the invoice before issuing, but keep in mind that you can only issue an exchange job once. You cannot reissue/re-edit an invoice so make sure you add the correct line items/pricing before issuing the invoice.

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