Affidavits in ServeManager

ServeManager affidavits are designed to be printed, emailed or saved for later. Since affidavits are saved to the job, anyone with access to the job can also access the affidavit. It's quick and easy to edit new and previously saved affidavits.

ServeManager Affidavit

Generate an Affidavit

Affidavits are generated from ServeManager job data, including:

  • Case Information
  • Parties Involved
  • Recipient Name / Address
  • Service Attempts
  • Uploaded and Recorded Documents
  • And More...

The more information you enter during the job creation and service attempts, the more complete your affidavit will be. However, affidavits can be generated with little to no job data, in which case the affidavit can be filled out manually.

Document Editor

Document Editor

Affidavits are opened by the document editor in a new browser window. New affidavits open directly in edit mode, so updates can be made before saving for the first time.

Once an affidavit has been saved, there's a few things you can do:

Affidavit Templates

Affidavit Templates

In edit mode, templates can be selected per affidavit. The ServeManager Basic template is the default for new affidavits, and perfect for general use.

Simply create a new affidavit or edit an existing one to reveal a dropdown with a list of templates.

Affidavit Declaration

Edit and Save Declarations

Create one-time, custom declarations per affidavit, OR speed up your workflow by saving your own declarations.

Saved declarations can be selected form a dropdown menu on the affidavit.

Additional Documents

Additional Documents

Some templates allow for additional documents. For example, the California affidavits allow you to add documents.

New documents appear as tabs at the top of an affidavit. You can navigate between documents and edit them as needed. The Print PDF feature prints all of these documents to the same PDF.