Service of Process on Blockchain

A proof of concept by ServeManager and Integra Ledger

ServeManager has created a functional proof of concept for service of process on blockchain. Utilizing the technology from Integra Ledger, - blockchain for the law - data related to service of process attempts are posted to blockchain.


The current proof of concept allows a process server in the field to post the metadata related to their attempt within ServeManager - gps coordinates, timestamp, device data - to blockchain which generates a unique ID for that attempt.

This ID could then be made available in the attempt information within ServeManager, and on the physical affidavit itself. The ID can then be queried to display the untampered attempt data allowing a court, law firm, governing body or party to the case to verify that data on the affidavit or related service of process records are accurate and have not been altered.

ServeManager and Integra Ledger are both part of the Global Legal Blockchain Consortium.


Service of Process on Blockchain