Employee Permissions

In addition to the default permission roles, you can also customize the permissions for each employee.

Below are all of the employee permissions, and a description for each of them.

Manage Jobs Create, edit, archive and delete jobs.
View Everyone's Jobs View all of the jobs on your account.
Without this permission, the user will only see jobs in which they are the server.
View Everyone's Job Activity View the job activity timeline, and everyone's activity when viewing individual jobs.
Create & Update Attempts Create and edit service attempts.
Delete Attempts Delete service attempts.
Create & Update Affidavits Create and edit affidavits.
Delete Affidavits Delete affidavits.
Create Job Notes Create notes on jobs.
Enable Email & Sharing Email and share affidavits, attempts and notes with companies (clients & contractors).
Manage Companies Create, edit, archive and delete companies (clients & contractors). Invite companies to collaborate on jobs.
Without this permission, the user cannot view the Companies menu.
Manage Invoices & Statements View, create, edit and delete invoices and statements.
Without this permission, the user cannot view the Accounting menu or invoice details on individual jobs.
Update Account Settings Update account settings related to jobs, invoicing, etc.
Manage Online Payments Setup and manage the ability to take online payments.
Manage Employees Create, edit, archive and delete employees.
Manage Server Pay View and edit server payables.
Access Overview Menu Access the Overview menu.
View Accounting on Overview View accounting information on the Overview menu.
Manage Data Exports View and create data exports and downloads.
Update Account Details Update your company account details.
Update ServeManager Subscription Update your ServeManager monthly subscription plan.