Find Servers and Get Listed in the ServeManager Directory

A couple years back we added a directory to make it easy for our customers to find other ServeManager users. With the directory, not only can you find other servers to forward work to, but it also gives you an opportunity to be found by your colleagues and major process serving firms. 

From a growth and marketing perspective, the directory has made ServeManager increasingly more valuable to our customers. ServeManager is the fastest growing, and closing in on being the most widely used, software for process servers. More servers using it means more potential work for our customers. In addition, several major Nationwide companies have connected to our API so they can easily send work to their affiliates via ServeManager. They're often using the directory to find new affiliates.

When two companies are on ServeManager, it makes forwarding and receiving work effortless. Major efficiencies come with forwarding jobs inside the ServeManager network.

Using the Directory

To accesss the ServeManager Directory click the Companies menu on the left. Look for the ServeManager Directory tab to view the list.


From here you can initiate contact with a company by calling the listed phone number or by clicking Send Message to send an email. After you've made contact and discussed working together you can collaborate as you would with any other company by creating an entry for their company and then inviting them from their company page.

Listing Your Company

To list your own company in the ServeManager Directory click My Account on the top right and then click the Settings tab. Toward the bottom there is a checkbox to list your company within the directory. This will use your Company email and phone number which can be viewed and edited by clicking My Account.


Once you're listed you may be contacted about potential jobs from other process servers and forwarding companies that utilize the ServeManager Directory. Please be respectful of your fellow ServeManager users and only contact them should you have work to send their way. 

Only paying servers can view or be listed in the directory.

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