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  • August 29, 2018
  • New Features

New Save and Share Button for Affidavits

We here at ServeManager are always thinking and strategizing ways to make your workflow easier and more efficient. Our new Save and Share button aims to accomplish just that!

Save and Share Button

When creating a new affidavit the Save and Share button will save you time by allowing you to select who you would like to make this document visible to and who you would like to email it to, all without leaving the screen.

Save and Share Settings

You can adjust who is automatically checked by using the email and visibility options in your settings, or by clicking here .


  • May 08, 2018
  • New Features

Separate Email Settings for Attempts, Notes and Affidavits

We separated the auto-check email settings for service attempts, job notes and affidavits, to give you more control over which job contacts are selected for different job events.

You can view and edit the email settings under My Account > Settings

ServeManager Email Settings

  • January 08, 2018
  • New Features

Set A La Carte User Permissions

Employees in your account can now be setup with more customized and specific permissions. The standard permission levels, Owner, Admin, and Limited are still available, but you can now create your own set of permissions for a user using the new Custom option. What this means is you can now enable a user to do things like create jobs, but not access accounting. A full list of permission options and what they enable can be found here.


  • November 28, 2017
  • New Features

Quickly Check Job Sharing Status

We recently changed individual Job Logs to include more info about when and who shared items with collaborators. In an effort to increase visibility regarding this function even further we've also changed the icons and the menu interface that controls these functions.


Previously when entering an attempt on a job with a collaborator there was a dropdown to choose who would be able to see the attempt once saved. This menu was often missed. Instead there is now a set of checkboxes, one for the Client side and one for the Contract Server side. These will only display if you're collaborating on that end. The system will still default to making attempts visible to all parties if the user has permissions to do so so nothing has changed as far as how these items are automatically shared, the interface simply looks a bit different. Limited employees without Client access still won't be able to share the attempt directly with the client.


Once you've entered a few attempts and created affidavits on a job with a collaborating party you'll see the icons in the Job next to the Share link are now also different. Previously you still had the same information displayed, but it wasn't quite as clear as it is now. If you're collaborating on either side you'll see Client or Server displayed. If there is an Eye icon next to that party it means they can see that entry on their side. If there's a red No Symbol (the circle with a diagonal line) then that party cannot see that entry. To alter who can and cannot see these click the Share link next to the entry and you will have checkboxes to choose visibility.

  • November 07, 2017
  • New Features

Use Stripe Within Invoices and Statements

If you haven't started using it already, there is an option within ServeManager to take credit card payments via Stripe. We've made a small change to how you can use this feature. Previously the option to pay via Stripe was only available to your clients if you emailed the invoice to them. You can now charge their credit card directly from your saved Invoice or Statement.

To do so simply open any Issued Invoice or Saved Statement and click the Apply payment option up top. At the bottom of the interface is an option to enter credit card info. Enter the info your client gives you here and you can run the card for them. If the charge is successful the invoice will be marked as paid, you'll receive a notification email from Stripe, and you'll then receive a deposit from Stripe in the usual amount of time.


  • October 31, 2017
  • New Features

Changes to Job Activity Log and Sharing

We've made a few adjustments and additions to how you communicate with your client and with your colleagues.

Within each Job there is a log displaying actions from your account within the Job including things like adding Notes, Attempts, and Affidavits. We've now added a function to also track who and when someone either emailed an event or shared with a collaborator. You'll see these logs in addition to the normal Created, Updated, or Deleted events.


We also changed how Contacts are displayed when saving Notes, Attempts and so forth. Previously when creating or sharing an event the program would default to displaying only the default Contact, or no one at all if a contact was not selected. Instead the system will now generally display up to 5 contacts for any company in this screen. If you assign a default contact for a Job the default contact for the Job will be displayed at the top with an asterisk symbol.


  • October 05, 2017
  • New Features

Zip+4 codes available for address auto-complete

We're still dialing in the address auto-complete feature based on your feedback. Last week we enabled the "All Caps" option in settings, and now we've released the Zip+4 codes option. 

To enable this, go to My Account > Settings, then scroll down to "Addresses". Simply check the "Use Zip+4 codes for auto-completed addresses" and the next time you enter an address it will auto-complete with the Zip+4 codes. 

Zip+4 setting


Once you enable the Zip+4 codes option, this is what it will look like next time you enter an address. 

Zip+4 setting

  • September 26, 2017
  • New Features

Auto Complete Addresses in Uppercase Letters

We recently added an option to auto complete addresses within the program. Many of our users and members of the legal industry often fill in data in all uppercase letters. There is now an option to have your auto completed addresses save in uppercase.

To enable this function click My Account > Settings > Scroll to the Addresses section and check the second box to use UPPERCASE letters. Scroll to the bottom to Save your settings.


  • September 18, 2017
  • New Features

Auto Complete Addresses

We've added an auto complete function to the addresses you enter in ServeManager. Going forward whenever you begin typing a service address, a court address, or a company address the program will try to fill in the address for you, including, City, State, ZIP, and County. This function is also available on the mobile site if you're updating an address from the field.

Results will be presented to you based on proximity to your location, which is pulled from your Account address. This means if you're in Denver, CO and were to search for 3120 Blake St the first result will be the address in Denver, CO as opposed to a similar address in another city.


  • August 07, 2017
  • New Features

Mass Print Documents

You can now mass print not only your Affidavits, but also Field Sheets, Documents to be Served, and Invoices.

You will still create individual Affidavits and Invoices like normal, but you can combine these file types as well as any PDFs that have been uploaded to Document to be Served and any Field Sheets, into single large files. When you choose to mass print all of the documents will be grouped by job meaning one job's files will be in order, then the next job's and so forth.

To Mass Print Documents go to the Jobs page or an individual Company's Jobs page and apply any Filters you might like to use. Once that's done check off any job from the list you'd like to print documents for. Once your list is complete use the Options menu and choose Print Documents.


Now you can select which of the 4 eligible documents you'd like to print. Once satisfied click Generate PDF to create your print file. You'll be taken to the Downloads page where the file will be at the top of the list. Depending on the number of documents included this may take a moment to generate. Once complete you can download the file and either send it to your printer or save it to your hard drive to send an email to your client with the file.


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