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  • June 07, 2019
  • New Features

ServeManager Automation Recipes: Text Critical Job Updates with Sakari

Text messaging was the most common form of digital communication in 2018, and it should be no surprise that texting has crept into the business world. Whether it’s sending your customers status updates, or letting your process servers know you have a new job for them, the prevalence of texting is a growing trend in the process serving industry as well.

With the Zapier platform, there are several apps that enable communication via SMS texting from ServeManager. One of these tools is Sakari. We had the chance to chat with the company’s founder a few weeks back and we were pretty impressed with what they’ve built.

While there are a number of automations you could build with Zapier and ServeManager, our integration with Sakari enables you to send text messages to process servers that are set up as employees. This way, they are notified when ServeManager jobs are created that they are responsible for serving.

Connect Sakari + ServeManager

We’ll be building out more Sakari + ServeManager templates, but with this Zapier integration you can build other automation recipes like:

  • Texting a client when a new attempt is made
  • Texting a client when a new affidavit is created
  • Receiving a text as an owner or admin when a new job is created via order form

Check out more information on the Sakari + ServeManager integration, learn about what Sakari has to offer, or contact us if we can help with your automations.

  • May 17, 2019
  • New Features

How to add Write-offs and Discounts to Invoices

With ServeManager you can easily incorporate write-off or discount charges on your invoices!  

There are a couple methods when it comes to adding a write-off/discount to certain job invoices.

The first method involves creating a product in your account settings. First, navigate to My Account, then Settings, then the Invoicing section, where you will see your total number of products. Select Manage to see your product list and then select New Product to begin.

 Write-off 1

From here, give your product a name (Write-Off, Discount, etc.)

Make sure that you set a negative price for the cost, that way it will offset the invoice total when added.

Add any additional details such as description, tax rate, or if you would like to make it a default product on new invoices 

Once all of the information looks correct, hit save. 

 Write-off 2

After you successfully add the product,  you can now add that product to any invoice.

Write-off 3

Additionally, you don’t have to utilize the product feature if you want to manually add the discount/write-off to your invoice. Just make sure you assign a negative price before saving.

Write-off 4

Along with adding a product, you can simply pay a zero-dollar invoice which will result in a negative total.  When you export your invoices into a spreadsheet, you'll be able to sum up all of those products to see the total write-offs or discounts for the period. 

If you had any further questions about accounting or adding products, you can view our pro-series accounting feature hereAdditionally, you can always give us a call or send us an email if you had any further questions. ServeManager is here to make all aspects of your business a breeze!

  • April 16, 2019
  • New Features

Texas Users: New Employee and Contractor Fields Available

ServeManager is always being updated to fit the needs of our users. You can now save date of birth, certification/license number and certification/license expiration for your employees and contractors. Your Texas affidavits have already been updated to handle this information.

Update Employee's Information


To update an employee's information, first select the my account link, then the employee tab. From here, you can select an employee, then the edit button in the upper right corner. In this screen you can save the new information for your employee.


Update Contractor's Information


Contractor's information can be updated by first selecting the Companies button from the left toolbar, then selecting the company in question from the list. Once the company has been selected, you can edit the information by using the edit button in the upper right corner. In the edit screen, you can add this information for all of the company contacts.

If you are not in Texas, and do not require this information, you can ignore these fields. Your affidavits will continue to work the same.

If you need any help with this, feel free to reach out to support here.



  • February 07, 2019
  • New Features

ServeManager's 2018 In Review

ServeManager is constantly updating and improving our process server software to meet the needs of our customers. We had a pretty exciting year between our feature updates, new partnerships, and over 1,300,000 jobs processed through ServeManager. 2019 has a lot in store for us so if you are not a ServeManager subscriber, modernize your workflow by jumping on board in 2019.

1,300,000 jobs were created

Over 1.3 million jobs were created within ServeManager in 2018. Process servers all over the country are reaping the benefits of our software. They are experiencing job growth, increased profit, and the networking benefit that comes with our software. We are anticipating significant job growth in 2019.

350,000 jobs were forwarded

350,000 of those jobs were forwarded to other process serving firms using our software. Collaboration through the software allows one person or company to create a job and then assign it to another user in the system. This allows companies to take on heavier workloads, forward jobs to contractors, and increase profit.

In addition, over 300 ServeManager customers upgraded to a higher job level this year thanks to increased demand from their existing and new clients. It is exciting to see so many ServeManager users utilizing all that our software has to offer, saving time on every job which in turn leads to the ability to take on more clients and generate revenue.

400,000 Lawyers exposed to ServeManager via ABA Blueprint

In December 2018, ServeManager proudly announced our technology partnership with the American Bar Association's Blueprint program. Together, we will connect law firms with a more efficient process serving experience. ServeManager is not only beneficial for process servers, it is also extremely useful for law firms who use our software to access a directory of process servers/ServeManager users and get real-time updates on their serves.

Aba & ServeManager

Read more about ServeManager’s partnership with ABA Blueprint

Our staff built 452 custom affidavits

ServeManager offers affidavit customization as an add on service for our subscribers. Last year our staff built 452 custom affidavits for ServeManager users. From simple modifications to existing documents to new and custom work, we are able to create any document you may need and populate it with the fields we collect within ServeManager. Email our support staff any affidavit requests you may have.

Stripe and ServeManager Payments

ServeManager’s integration with Stripe has streamlined a payment solution for process servers and their clients. Approximately 30% of ServeManager customers are utilizing this integration. ServeManager Payments allows their clients to pay them directly from their invoices. Those funds can then be transferred straight into the server’s bank account without the need for a merchant account.

ServeManager Payments

This makes it extremely easy for companies to get paid in a timely matter with little extra effort. ServeManager Payments saved our customers over 13 minutes per invoice, and the number of ServeManager users that have this feature enabled that were getting paid in 10 days or less jumped from 28% to 68%.

Learn more about how to implement Stripe into ServeManager

We grew our support team

We want our users to be confident using our software. Our Pro Series webinars are in-depth reviews on our best and most used features. These webinars can be viewed through our website and live on Facebook. Our support team dives deep into our features and aim to answer any questions users may have.

ServeManager Success Calls

For new ServeManager customers, we implemented a new “onboarding” procedure. Our improved onboarding gets members accustomed to our dashboard and using all available tools right away. Users can schedule a call with our support staff to get an in-depth walkthrough of our software so they can utilize all it has to offer.

ServeManager Support

If you simply need a refresher, ServeManager hosts weekly webinars walking members through standard procedure. View any upcoming webinars or watch our recorded video guides at your leisure.

New Features

This year our team introduced many new features that are saving process servers time and making their workflow easier. We listen to our users’ suggestions and aim to add any requested features that can make our software the best it can be.

Mass Attempts: The highly requested feature went live in December. It allows users to record an attempt across multiple jobs.

Server Pay: Server pay simplifies the payment process. Companies can now track outstanding balances to their employees and contractors through the ServeManager software.

Save and share: While creating an affidavit the save and share button allows you to select who you would like to make the document visible to and who you would like to email it to, all without leaving the screen.

Private notes: Private notes capture and display important information on companies you do business with. Notes automatically display when entering the company’s info into any new job, making it a great communication tool amongst employees.

Open files in browser: You can now open your files from ServeManager in your browser. You can also download and save files to your personal drive.

Zapier: ServeManager integrates with over 1,000 other web tools and applications thanks to the workflow automation tool Zapier. Servers can boost their productivity and save time with these integrations as information is automatically sent from one tool to another.

Erin’s List Integration: Erin’s List is a database focused on process server safety. Our integration with Erin’s List allows servers to cross-reference job addresses with the database to see if there is a “hit”. A hit is an address that other servers have noted as potentially dangerous.

Bosco Success Story

ServeManager software is utilized by process serving firms of all sizes. From a one-person business to a 100+ team, ServeManager’s platform works for any size operation. Bosco Legal Support, a 50+ person legal support team, made the switch from an aging software to the ever-evolving ServeManager. Their staff adapted quickly to the user-friendly software and are reaping the benefits - increased profits, revenue growth, and a higher level of service to their customers.

Watch how beneficial transitioning to ServeManager can be!

5-Star Rating

We continued our reputation as the number one software for process servers with a 5-star rating garnished on independent review sites. Check out what users are saying about our software, how it has helped them, and how it can benefit you.

ServeManager Reviews

We love feedback, leave a review here.

Give ServeManager A Try

If you are interested in experiencing our improvements first hand and reaping all the benefits our software has to offer, hop on board and try ServeManager this year. Whether you want to extend a past trial, open a new one, have any questions regarding our software, or want to dive right in with a subscription, we have you covered.

Contact us today!

  • January 28, 2019
  • New Features

Mass Attempts Pro Series Webinar

Watch the Mass Attempt ProSeries Webinar below:


 You can also begin using Mass Attempts right now by following the steps below.


To Start:

To begin using mass attempts, you will first need to activate this option. You can activate mass attempts by selecting My Account, and then the Settings Tab. Scroll down until you see the enable mass attempts button. Make sure it is checked.


Choose Your Jobs

Recording mass attempts on the desktop is easy! To do so, use the white checkboxes to select the jobs in which you would like to record an attempt. Then use the Options pull-down menu and select record an attempt.

In the next screen, you can enter the attempt information and select your sharing options.  Once you save, the attempt will be recorded in the selected jobs.


Multiple Jobs at the Same Address

ServeManager has the ability to recongize jobs at the same address.


Once mass attempts are activated, when you go to record an attempt at an address associated with another job, the system will ask you if you would like to record the attempt with that address as well. This works on both the mobile and desktop site.

You can remove a job from the mass attempt, by unselecting the checkbox next to the job number.



Mass attempts are one of the many time saving features of ServeManager. Start your trial today, and learn why ServeManager is the most widley used Process Server job management software in the world.




  • October 10, 2018
  • New Features

Feature Update: Private Notes

Introducing new private notes for companies

A private note displayed on a new job in ServeManager

The ServeManager team strives to bring you a straightforward and worry-free system for working with clients and collaborators. That’s why we’ve added a new private note feature to help capture and display important info on any company you do business with.

To create a new private note, select the desired company, then press edit. Halfway down the page you will see a prompt to enter a special private note.

Creating a private note for a client company

This note will automatically display when entering this company’s info into any new job, whether they are a client or a contracted process server. Now you can quickly see any feedback or comment associated with that company (quick job turnaround, unresponsive main office, require pre-payment, etc.). This note cannot be seen by other companies/contractors, it is only visible to you and your employees.

A private note displayed on the company page

  • October 08, 2018
  • New Features

Using ServeManager for Records Retrieval, Photocopy and other Legal Support Work

Users of ServeManager have long used the product to complete job types that are not traditional process of service. Through selective use of the available fields and job status you can manage work such as PI jobs, court filings or courier work. Some of the additions to ServeManager we've been making are custom fields and custom documents. With these functions we've created a workflow option to be used for document retrieval work, also known as photocopy or records reproduction in California.

Records Retrieval Case Study

Bosco Legal, a 50-person legal support team, shares how their records production department uses ServeManager for creating orders for subpoenas and authorizations for records. Learn about their transition to ServeManager and how their processes and client interactions have improved since the move. Check out the full Bosco Case Study here.


With the custom fields we can create various sets of additional fields to be added to the New Job screen. Some of the most common additional fields are opposing attorney information and additional details on the subject of the record retrieval. In most cases the subject of records is generally going to be your client's client, requesting access to their own records.


Once you've filled in all of the additional custom fields the data can be used to fill in various additional forms and packets. These packets are then printed off and given to the appropriate parties such as opposing counsel and the custodian of records. Have your server in the field deliver the request to the custodian and arrange for a pickup time.


Once you have the documents available you can upload them under Miscellaneous Attachments in ServeManager and notify your collaborating client via an in app note that the documents are ready to be downloaded in the Miscellaneous attachments section.

Through a combination of custom fields and documents, ServeManager can help you manage various types of legal support jobs. If you do more than service of process, please let us know and we'd be happy to discuss how ServeManager can be used to facilitate a wide variety of workflows. Customization fees may apply. 

  • August 29, 2018
  • New Features

New Save and Share Button for Affidavits

We here at ServeManager are always thinking and strategizing ways to make your workflow easier and more efficient. Our new Save and Share button aims to accomplish just that!

Save and Share Button

When creating a new affidavit the Save and Share button will save you time by allowing you to select who you would like to make this document visible to and who you would like to email it to, all without leaving the screen.

Save and Share Settings

You can adjust who is automatically checked by using the email and visibility options in your settings, or by clicking here .


  • May 08, 2018
  • New Features

Separate Email Settings for Attempts, Notes and Affidavits

We separated the auto-check email settings for service attempts, job notes and affidavits, to give you more control over which job contacts are selected for different job events.

You can view and edit the email settings under My Account > Settings

ServeManager Email Settings

  • January 08, 2018
  • New Features

Set A La Carte User Permissions

Employees in your account can now be setup with more customized and specific permissions. The standard permission levels, Owner, Admin, and Limited are still available, but you can now create your own set of permissions for a user using the new Custom option. What this means is you can now enable a user to do things like create jobs, but not access accounting. A full list of permission options and what they enable can be found here.


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