Digital Service of Process Updates

ServeManager's feature, Digital Service Of Process (DSOP for short), has been a popular addition that helps process servers continue their work when the physical service of process is impractical or is otherwise preferred by the intended recipient. Over the last two years since the beta release of our DSOP workflow, it has been successfully utilized many thousands of times by our subscribers. Our latest updates to DSOP allow for two types of Service.  The first allows the recipient to preview the service document before affirmatively declaring their intention to waive the physical service of process by executing a Notice of Acknowledgment. Once signed by the recipient, it is shared automatically with the initiator of the DSOP transaction. Additionally, as the initiator, you now have a new Affidavit/ Proof of Service template that allows you to attest to the digital service transaction details. The second option allows you to send the Service without requiring the recipient to sign the Notice and Acknowledgement.  Regardless of which Service type you choose, you can provide your client with an Affidavit of Digital Service. 

Need a refresher on the Digital Service of Process workflow? Read our original guide here:

After the recipient opens the email notification where you have chosen to have them waive service in order to download the documents, they are prompted to provide their name, title, or role, as well as click-through an agreement to waive the physical service of process option affirmatively.

waiver shot

After waiving the physical service, a Notice and Acknowledgment of Receipt and Waiver of Service is generated by the secure application and is sent to both the initiator (ServeManager subscriber) and the recipient. See the example below.waiver shot 2

If, on the other hand, you have chosen not to require the recipient to waive the physical service requirements, the recipient, at their option, will be able to download the documents.  

If you choose to provide your client with an Affidavit of Service/Proof of Service, an updated Affidavit template of that document is available for your use. See the sample below.

waiver shot3

Here is a video demonstrating the Digital Service of Process Feature in action:

These changes will go into effect late October, 2023. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.

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