New Features

  • February 08, 2015
  • New Features

Search Jobs by ZIP Code

We recently made some alterations to our search function within ServeManager, both changing how it searches for information and what information you can search for.

You can now search for email addresses which can be useful when creating and editing your Companies. In addition the program will now search for a full string of characters when using hyphens. Previously we would have split up a search for something like ABC-3347 into a search for "ABC" and/or "3347." This could make finding your particular job when using a Client Job Number difficult. Now the program will search for an exact match of "ABC-3347," preventing you from locating similar but incorrect jobs.

Perhaps the most useful addition to the Search function is searching by ZIP code. From the Jobs or Map pages you can enter a ZIP code and only view jobs within that particular ZIP code. This can be especially useful in assigning jobs to a particular server, or just planning your routes for the day. Finish one ZIP code in the morning and start a route for a second ZIP code in the afternoon.


  • January 25, 2015
  • New Features

Business Overview

There is now an option to view your company's overview. On the left menu if you click Overview, ServeManager will display a page with your company's general business stats. Only Owners and Admins can view this overview. In addition, only Owners can view the invoicing information.


This dashboard will allow you to view stats on your company's productivity from a single easy to read page. Information for today's stats are the largest on the left of each section, with historical data located on the right. This screen can be refreshed every 10 minutes to give you updated data on your company.

  • December 29, 2014
  • New Features

Customize your Declaration with Merge Tags

We've added the option of using merge tags in custom declarations for the Nationwide and WA affidavits.

To create a custom declaration, first click My Account in the top right. Then look for the Settings tab. From here, click on the Manage button in the Declarations section under Affidavits.

You can enter {{process_server_name}} to input the assigned server's name in the declaration, or {{process_server_license}} to enter their license number.

At this time these are the only tags available, but we will be looking to add more down the road.

  • December 11, 2014
  • New Features

Export Your Contacts for Mass Emails

We recently added an option to export your data from various pages into a CSV file. One useful action, especially being the holiday season, is using this data for mass emailing of your client or contract companies. Please refer to the Export page above for instructions on how to create the CSV file. Once you have this file, please open it within your spreadsheet program of choice. Some good examples are Excel, OpenOffice, or Google Spreadsheets.



Depending on if you'd like to email your Law Firm, Attorney or Contractor contacts you can sort the Company Type column to view only the desired type.

Look for the Primary Contact Email column and highlight all of the email addresses you wish to email in the column. This can be done by left clicking the first email, scrolling to last desired email, holding the Shift key and then left clicking the final email. At this point, copy these emails to your clipboard by right clicking and choosing copy or pressing control/command C.

Login to your email account and compose a new message. We would recommend you use the BCC field and not the normal To field as this will prevent your recipients from seeing all of the other email addresses the message was sent to. Paste the email addresses into the BC filed by right clicking it and choosing paste, or by pressing control/command V. Most email programs and websites should recognize you are pasting a set of email addresses and will separate them for you.

At this point you can compose the message you'd like to send to the entered list. This could be a general update on your business, something you'd like to inform all of your contractors on, or even a holiday message from your company to theirs.

  • October 15, 2014
  • New Features

Export Spreadsheets (CSV files)

Whenever you see Export Spreadsheet at the top right of a table, you can export the current rows below it, including filters and search terms.

Export Spreadsheet

The data is saved under the Exports tab as a CSV file which can be opened by any spreadsheet software (Excel, OpenOffice or Google Docs), or imported into software such as QuickBooks.

Reasons to export data:

  • Analyze the data in Excel (e.g. reporting)
  • Provide clients with data and reports
  • Useful for payroll
  • Import into programs like QuickBooks
  • Format and print
  • October 08, 2014
  • New Features

Document Titles: Save, Edit and Delete

We've changed the way document titles are saved. Previously each title entered was saved, and autocompleted on future entries, but there was no way to edit or remove titles.

Now you can manage document titles under My Account > Settings. Going forward document titles will not be automatically saved. Instead they will appear under Recent Document Titles, and you can choose which ones to save.

Additionally you can add new titles, edit current ones, and delete titles as well. Just go to My Account > Settings and click on Manage next to Document Titles.

  • September 25, 2014
  • New Features

TX Affidavit Changes

We have separated the Texas affidavits and they are selectable from the affidavit dropdown menu.

In addition we have added the new perjury statement as an option for these forms. You can select either the old notary option or the perjury statement when generating your affidavits.

  • September 12, 2014
  • New Features

New Job Status Options

There's a Job Status now in addition to the Service Status.

The new Job Status allows you to place jobs On Hold, for example, while maintaining the history of the service status. You can customize the job status options and save up to ten under My Account > Settings.

The Job Status can be changed when creating or editing a job, and it can be changed for one or more jobs at once by selecting jobs and choosing Update Job Status from the options drop-down.

The service status is specific to the life-cycle of the serve, and it's still automatically updated when you log service attempts.

  • September 12, 2014
  • New Features

Service Attempt Count

The number of service attempts is displayed in jobs list, so you can see which jobs need attention and which have been thoroughly worked on.

  • September 11, 2014
  • New Features

Default Client Company Setting

If most or all of your jobs are for the same client, then you can save time by setting them as the default client for new jobs.

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