New Features

Invite Law Firms to a Free Subscription

When you invite a law firm to Share Jobs in ServeManager, they can choose a free subscription on the registration page.

Digital Signatures on Affidavits

Immediately sign affidavits with a Digital Signature, at work or in the field. Email a signed affidavit to your client within minutes of serving the papers.

Select Default Affidavit Template

Save time by selecting a default template for new affidavits, under My Account > Settings.

Invoice Watermark

A watermark has been added to Draft and Paid invoices, so you can quickly see the status.

Misc Attachment Display Name

Now you can edit the display name for each Misc Attachment, in case the filename is too long or nondescript.

Invoice Filters

Invoice filters are now consistent on both the Receivables tab and the Invoices tab for companies. The sorting for each filter has been updated as well to make it easier to view and find invoices.

Mobile: Server Name Added

The Process Server name has been added on the mobile site, so Owners and Admins can see who is responsible for each job.

Hide Notary Block on Affidavits

Now you can change the default setting to hide the Notary Block on new affidavits.

Edit Shared Jobs

Only the job creator can fully edit a shared job. However, each company can now update their Client, Process Server and Misc Attachments.

Jobs by Month Graph

Track your monthly job count by viewing a graph of jobs created over the last six months.

Aging Summary

An Aging Summary has been added to the Account Aging tab. The Aging Summary shows the total for all accounts for each aging category, as well as the total open balance for all accounts.

Mobile: Send Job Notifications

Pick and choose which job updates to email, and who they are sent to. Email notifications can be sent for Notes, Attempts and Affidavits.

Mobile: Create & Edit Affidavits

Now you can add, view and edit affidavits on the mobile site. Just select a job and expand the Affidavits section.

Mobile: Map the Address

While viewing the Addresses for a job, you can tap on each address to open a map of the location before you make the service attempt.

Mobile: Photo Upload

Now you can attach photos to jobs from a smartphone or tablet.

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