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  • February 14, 2017
  • New Features

Take Credit Card Payments on Statements

Recently we began saving your Statements so that you could both email them to your client and apply payments to them in the program. Now, if you have connected your ServeManager account with Stripe your clients can pay an entire Statement with a single action.

Simply sign up for Stripe in ServeManager and create Statements like normal. When you email them to your client they will have an option to Pay with Credit Card just like they do for Invoices. You'll receive an email from Stripe letting you know about the payment and all of the invoices will be marked as paid. Collecting payment from your clients has never been easier with these options.


  • January 10, 2017
  • New Features

Apply Payment to Statements

You can apply payment to invoices from within a Saved Statement. Pull up any Saved Statement and you can click Apply Payment to mark any unpaid balance on invoices as paid within the Statement at once. This works similarly to the Mass Action available on each Company's Invoices tab.


  • December 21, 2016
  • New Features

Give the Gift of ServeManager

SM give the gift

Refer a friend to ServeManager and you both earn $25!

Use the form on this page to send your colleague a ServeManager referral email. This email will contain a link that is unique to you that will allow us to track whom you've referred, and if they sign-up for ServeManager.

For each paid subscriber you refer, you'll earn a $25 credit applied toward your account. In addition, because you referred them, your friend will get a $25 credit too.

Thank you for choosing and referring ServeManager! 

Refer a friend here.

Please fill out the form below and submit to refer your colleague. You'll need to complete this form for each referral.

  • December 20, 2016
  • New Features

Access Previously Generated Statements

When creating Statements we recently gave you the option to email them directly to your contacts. You can now access these Statements later.


To view your saved Statements click Accounting on the left and then the Statements tab. In this screen you can Print, Email, or Delete your Statements. Only Statements created recently will be available, but going forward all generated Statements will be saved.

  • December 14, 2016
  • New Features

Manage Invoice Products from the Settings Screen

You will now manage your Invoice Products from the Settings screen. Previously this menu existed in its own space in the Accounting screen. In order to create a more consistent experience we have moved this management menu to Settings where other management options can be found. To access this click My Account and then the Settings tab. Scroll down to the Invoicing section and click Manage next to Products.


From here you can create new Products by clicking New Product in the top right, or manage existing products by clicking on the Product itself. You can change details for the product, whether or not it will be a default product going forward, or delete the product by editing it.

You can also set some invoicing defaults by company. For more info on your company specific options please see this post:

  • December 06, 2016
  • New Features

ServeManager Directory Improvements

The goal of the ServeManager Directory has always been to have current users find other current users to serve process in areas outside of their normal service area. A way to help you find a server already trained in the tools you use and easily facilitate job sharing.

The ServeManager Directory now searches by location in a more true sense of the word. Once you enter your service address, city and state, or ZIP the program will determine where on a map that location falls. The search will then find any ServeManager companies within a radius around the search point. This means if you search for Denver, CO and there were no matches, you'd automatically also see any matches from adjacent areas such as Greenwood Village, Aurora, Colorado Springs, and so forth up to the maximum radius.


To search for other current ServeManager users click Companies on the left and then the ServeManager Directory tab. From here you can search by address. This list is opt in so the only users that will be found are users that have chosen to join the list. To enable this for your own account click My Account and then Settings. At the bottom is an option to "Show my company in the ServeManager Directory." Once you do this and save your changes your company will become a possible hit in the ServeManger Directory. Only subscribed users can access and be part of the ServeManager Directory.

  • December 05, 2016
  • New Features

Automatically Notify Your Servers

We've long had an option to automatically check the Client whenever an attempt or note is added. Many users have also requested something similar for Servers as well. This is especially useful for any clients you may have invited to collaborate on work with you in ServeManager as they will not need to check you when adding a note within a job.

To enable auto checking of Process Servers when making a note or attempt on a job they are assigned, click My Account and then the Settings tab. Scroll toward the bottom under the Email Notifications section. In here, check the box to "Auto check the server as an email recipient for new attempts and notes." Scroll to the bottom and Save your Settings changes.


  • November 15, 2016
  • New Features

Email Your Statements

You can now generate statements in ServeManager and email them to your client from within the program.

To create a Statement navigate to your Court Cases or Companies page and open the Court Case or Company you wish to make a statement for. Each of these will have its own Invoices tab, click there. From within this page you have the same filters and search options you have from the Receivables page, except all of your invoices have checkboxes. Apply as many filters as need be and check the invoices you wish to include in the Statement. Using the Options menu above the Invoice list click the New Statement option. Confirm here and on the preview page you can choose to Print in the upper left, or Email it directly with the Email option.


  • November 14, 2016
  • New Features

California Style Declaration of Diligence

In the past most users across the country including those in California have generally used the Nationwide Affidavit when they've needed a Declaration of Diligence. Many users however did request a version of the form in the style of California's forms. We've added a variation with this in mind to the template list within the CA section.


  • November 13, 2016
  • New Features

Get paid faster with ServeManager Payments

Take Credit Card Payments for your ServeManager Invoices and Statements

We're excited to announce two features that will save you even more time, and make it easier to get paid!

ServeManager has integrated with Stripe, the payment platform that companies like Lyft, Twitter and Squarespace rely on for their payments. When sending an invoice or statement, your customers will now have a "Pay by Card" option if you enable this feature. 

Switching from my old credit card processor to Stripe with ServeManager has been great. The processor I was using quoted me a low rate, but after all the fees were added on I was paying them between 25% and 40% of my credit card sales! Take a close look at your statements. With ServeManager Payments my fees are much lower, and the integration has been great for me and my customers.

-Tony Helferich, Alacrity Legal Services
Mobile, AL

Getting Started

To take advantage of these features, you'll first want to authorize the Stripe integration inside ServeManager. To do this, go to "Settings" then scroll to the bottom of that page

   "My Account" --> "Settings" --> Click "Manage" next to "Accept Online Payments" - or just click here (if you're logged in to ServeManager) 

Stripe Authorize

When you get to this page, you'll be prompted to connect your Stripe account. If you don't already have a Stripe account, you'll be sent to a page to create your account (see below). If you already have a Stripe account this step will allow you to connect your account. 

Stripe sign-up

Please have the routing and bank account number for your business handy so you can get paid. You'll also be asked for your FEIN, but that field is optional. 


What will my clients see?

Here's what your invoices and statements will look like with the "Pay with Card" button.

ServeManager invoice with button

After they click the "Pay with Card" link, they are presented with a simple credit card form to enter their payment details.

ServeManager invoice with credit card fields


Why Stripe and what are the fees? 

As previously mentioned, Stripe is the payment platform that major technology and internet based companies rely on. There are numerous benefits to using Stripe and funds are usually available in your Stripe account within 48 hours of receiving payment from your customers. Having a Stripe account means you don't have to have a merchant account. Stripe is a secure vault for your customer's payment information. You can use Stripe to process payments via their interface if you have a client that's paying outside of ServeManager or your website form. It's an extremely powerful platform.

The fees for processing these payments are as follows:

  • 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction from Stripe
  • 1% from ServeManager

So, if you charge $50 for a serve, $2.25 will be deducted. As the volume grows within the ServeManager application as a whole, we'll be able to reduce the transaction fees. Down the road, we'll also consider other payment platforms (i.e., Paypal, etc).


Website order forms.

We can also set up an order form on your website that takes payment and creates a job in ServeManager. Set-up fees may apply. 

If you have any questions, or would like us to walk you through the Stripe connect, please contact us.

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