ServeManager Automation Recipes: Text Critical Job Updates with Sakari

Text messaging was the most common form of digital communication in 2018, and it should be no surprise that texting has crept into the business world. Whether it’s sending your customers status updates, or letting your process servers know you have a new job for them, the prevalence of texting is a growing trend in the process serving industry as well.

With the Zapier platform, there are several apps that enable communication via SMS texting from ServeManager. One of these tools is Sakari. We had the chance to chat with the company’s founder a few weeks back and we were pretty impressed with what they’ve built.

While there are a number of automations you could build with Zapier and ServeManager, our integration with Sakari enables you to send text messages to process servers that are set up as employees. This way, they are notified when ServeManager jobs are created that they are responsible for serving.

Connect Sakari + ServeManager

We’ll be building out more Sakari + ServeManager templates, but with this Zapier integration you can build other automation recipes like:

  • Texting a client when a new attempt is made
  • Texting a client when a new affidavit is created
  • Receiving a text as an owner or admin when a new job is created via order form

Check out more information on the Sakari + ServeManager integration, learn about what Sakari has to offer, or contact us if we can help with your automations.

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