Feature Update: Private Notes

Introducing new private notes for companies

A private note displayed on a new job in ServeManager

The ServeManager team strives to bring you a straightforward and worry-free system for working with clients and collaborators. That’s why we’ve added a new private note feature to help capture and display important info on any company you do business with.

To create a new private note, select the desired company, then press edit. Halfway down the page you will see a prompt to enter a special private note.

Creating a private note for a client company

This note will automatically display when entering this company’s info into any new job, whether they are a client or a contracted process server. Now you can quickly see any feedback or comment associated with that company (quick job turnaround, unresponsive main office, require pre-payment, etc.). This note cannot be seen by other companies/contractors, it is only visible to you and your employees.

A private note displayed on the company page

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