How to add Write-offs and Discounts to Invoices

With ServeManager you can easily incorporate write-off or discount charges on your invoices!  

There are a couple methods when it comes to adding a write-off/discount to certain job invoices.

The first method involves creating a product in your account settings. First, navigate to My Account, then Settings, then the Invoicing section, where you will see your total number of products. Select Manage to see your product list and then select New Product to begin.

 Write-off 1

From here, give your product a name (Write-Off, Discount, etc.)

Make sure that you set a negative price for the cost, that way it will offset the invoice total when added.

Add any additional details such as description, tax rate, or if you would like to make it a default product on new invoices 

Once all of the information looks correct, hit save. 

 Write-off 2

After you successfully add the product,  you can now add that product to any invoice.

Write-off 3

Additionally, you don’t have to utilize the product feature if you want to manually add the discount/write-off to your invoice. Just make sure you assign a negative price before saving.

Write-off 4

Along with adding a product, you can simply pay a zero-dollar invoice which will result in a negative total.  When you export your invoices into a spreadsheet, you'll be able to sum up all of those products to see the total write-offs or discounts for the period. 

If you had any further questions about accounting or adding products, you can view our pro-series accounting feature hereAdditionally, you can always give us a call or send us an email if you had any further questions. ServeManager is here to make all aspects of your business a breeze!

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