Using ServeManager for Records Retrieval, Photocopy and other Legal Support Work

Users of ServeManager have long used the product to complete job types that are not traditional process of service. Through selective use of the available fields and job status you can manage work such as PI jobs, court filings or courier work. Some of the additions to ServeManager we've been making are custom fields and custom documents. With these functions we've created a workflow option to be used for document retrieval work, also known as photocopy or records reproduction in California.

Records Retrieval Case Study

Bosco Legal, a 50-person legal support team, shares how their records production department uses ServeManager for creating orders for subpoenas and authorizations for records. Learn about their transition to ServeManager and how their processes and client interactions have improved since the move. Check out the full Bosco Case Study here.


With the custom fields we can create various sets of additional fields to be added to the New Job screen. Some of the most common additional fields are opposing attorney information and additional details on the subject of the record retrieval. In most cases the subject of records is generally going to be your client's client, requesting access to their own records.


Once you've filled in all of the additional custom fields the data can be used to fill in various additional forms and packets. These packets are then printed off and given to the appropriate parties such as opposing counsel and the custodian of records. Have your server in the field deliver the request to the custodian and arrange for a pickup time.


Once you have the documents available you can upload them under Miscellaneous Attachments in ServeManager and notify your collaborating client via an in app note that the documents are ready to be downloaded in the Miscellaneous attachments section.

Through a combination of custom fields and documents, ServeManager can help you manage various types of legal support jobs. If you do more than service of process, please let us know and we'd be happy to discuss how ServeManager can be used to facilitate a wide variety of workflows. Customization fees may apply. 

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