Changes to Job Activity Log and Sharing

We've made a few adjustments and additions to how you communicate with your client and with your colleagues.

Within each Job there is a log displaying actions from your account within the Job including things like adding Notes, Attempts, and Affidavits. We've now added a function to also track who and when someone either emailed an event or shared with a collaborator. You'll see these logs in addition to the normal Created, Updated, or Deleted events.


We also changed how Contacts are displayed when saving Notes, Attempts and so forth. Previously when creating or sharing an event the program would default to displaying only the default Contact, or no one at all if a contact was not selected. Instead the system will now generally display up to 5 contacts for any company in this screen. If you assign a default contact for a Job the default contact for the Job will be displayed at the top with an asterisk symbol.


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