Texas Users: New Employee and Contractor Fields Available

ServeManager is always being updated to fit the needs of our users. You can now save date of birth, certification/license number and certification/license expiration for your employees and contractors. Your Texas affidavits have already been updated to handle this information.

Update Employee's Information

To update an employee's information, first select the my account link, then the employee tab. From here, you can select an employee, then the edit button in the upper right corner. In this screen you can save the new information for your employee.

Update Contractor's Information

Contractor's information can be updated by first selecting the Companies button from the left toolbar, then selecting the company in question from the list. Once the company has been selected, you can edit the information by using the edit button in the upper right corner. In the edit screen, you can add this information for all of the company contacts.

If you are not in Texas, and do not require this information, you can ignore these fields. Your affidavits will continue to work the same.

If you need any help with this, feel free to reach out to support here.

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