Mass Attempts Pro Series Webinar

Watch the Mass Attempt ProSeries Webinar below:


 You can also begin using Mass Attempts right now by following the steps below.


To Start:

To begin using mass attempts, you will first need to activate this option. You can activate mass attempts by selecting My Account, and then the Settings Tab. Scroll down until you see the enable mass attempts button. Make sure it is checked.


Choose Your Jobs

Recording mass attempts on the desktop is easy! To do so, use the white checkboxes to select the jobs in which you would like to record an attempt. Then use the Options pull-down menu and select record an attempt.

In the next screen, you can enter the attempt information and select your sharing options.  Once you save, the attempt will be recorded in the selected jobs.


Multiple Jobs at the Same Address

ServeManager has the ability to recongize jobs at the same address.


Once mass attempts are activated, when you go to record an attempt at an address associated with another job, the system will ask you if you would like to record the attempt with that address as well. This works on both the mobile and desktop site.

You can remove a job from the mass attempt, by unselecting the checkbox next to the job number.



Mass attempts are one of the many time saving features of ServeManager. Start your trial today, and learn why ServeManager is the most widley used Process Server job management software in the world.




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