Quickly Check Job Sharing Status

We recently changed individual Job Logs to include more info about when and who shared items with collaborators. In an effort to increase visibility regarding this function even further we've also changed the icons and the menu interface that controls these functions.


Previously when entering an attempt on a job with a collaborator there was a dropdown to choose who would be able to see the attempt once saved. This menu was often missed. Instead there is now a set of checkboxes, one for the Client side and one for the Contract Server side. These will only display if you're collaborating on that end. The system will still default to making attempts visible to all parties if the user has permissions to do so so nothing has changed as far as how these items are automatically shared, the interface simply looks a bit different. Limited employees without Client access still won't be able to share the attempt directly with the client.


Once you've entered a few attempts and created affidavits on a job with a collaborating party you'll see the icons in the Job next to the Share link are now also different. Previously you still had the same information displayed, but it wasn't quite as clear as it is now. If you're collaborating on either side you'll see Client or Server displayed. If there is an Eye icon next to that party it means they can see that entry on their side. If there's a red No Symbol (the circle with a diagonal line) then that party cannot see that entry. To alter who can and cannot see these click the Share link next to the entry and you will have checkboxes to choose visibility.

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