New Features

  • March 02, 2016
  • New Features

Generate Affidavits in Bulk

You can now generate multiple affidavits within a single PDF. First create and save your affidavits like normal. Then from any screen where you can view a list of jobs, such as the main Jobs page or individual Jobs pages by company, you can use the Mass Action Dropdown Menu to Print Affidavits.

Use Jobs filters to filter down to a specific set of jobs, or check them off from the list. Once that's done use the dropdown menu and choose Print Affidavits.


You'll be asked to confirm. Once you confirm the process will generate your document, take you to the Downloads tab, and download your PDF. You can then email this saved PDF to your clients if they'd like to get one large file with all of their affidavits, or quickly print all of your affidavits with one action.

  • October 29, 2015
  • New Features

Federal Documents

We recently added several new documents to our base list of templates. Federal forms AO 440, AO 441, AO 88A, and AO 88B are now available within ServeManager.

To find the new documents, open a job and click New Affidavit. Using the template drop down menu above the document, scroll until you find the Federal section.

Federal Documents

  • September 22, 2015
  • New Features

Advanced Edit and Modifiable Affidavits

We've been rolling out a new function for our affidavits called Advanced Edit. At this point all available templates have been converted into our new format which supports this function. In addition we've made changes behind the scenes that will allow us to modify our existing templates to better fit your needs. If you find that you begin editing your affidavits with the same changes on each job, let us know and we can look at making a modification to your template with your requested changes. If you need further modifications to the point where you may need a custom document, please contact us and we can discuss your needs. Custom documents may incur additional charges.

When working on an affidavit, to access Advanced Edit click the button on the top left of the document.

Advanced Edit Button

This will make the entirety of the document you're working on editable. Not only can you change the data that filled in based on your service attempts and job details, but you can adjust the previously non editable text.

Advanced Edit Screen

This is useful in the scenario when perhaps the word "plaintiff" isn't accurate for your case, perhaps you need to use something more along the lines of "minor child" for a family law case. Whatever change you might need to make can now be completed on a single edit basis.

In addition to altering the content, you can also adjust certain formatting such as making items bold, italic, or underlining them. Highlight the text you wish to alter and a tool to make this selection will appear.


  • September 07, 2015
  • New Features

New Statement Actions

We've redesigned how you create statements. This move will allow you to create more types of statements; rather than only being able to create statements based on issued invoices, you can now create statements for paid and overpaid invoices.


To create a statement you will still go to the individual company from the Companies screen. Open the company you wish to create a statement for and click on the Invoices tab. Similar to how you can mass issue or mass apply payment, you can now also create a statement based on the jobs that you check. This will allow you to skip the entire date range process completely and pick and choose a very specific set of invoices.

You can also use the filters to specify a set of invoices. To create a statement with the same criteria as our previous New Statement button:

  • Check the Invoice Status option for Issued
  • From the Date Range drop down, choose Issued On, this will display issued invoices that fall within your specified date range
  • Check the box above the individual invoices' checkboxes, this will select all visible invoices on this page
  • If you have more invoices than the displayed 30, when you go to New Statement from Options you will be given an option to Select All, which will include invoices that are not visible on this page

Select All

  • May 20, 2015
  • New Features

New Employee Functions

We've adjusted a few items concerning deleting employees. Previously you could delete an employee and it would remove them from your active list and prevent them from logging in, but they would remain tied to your account. You can still do this, but it works a little bit differently now.

From the Employees page you can now open an individual employee and it will show you their contact info as well as the jobs you've assigned to them, similar to how opening a court case or court location works now.


The new function we've added which functions largely like the old Delete Employee option did is Archive Employee. This is located on the top right next to the Edit button. This will log your employee out and prevent them from logging in. They will still be associated with your account, but will not show up as an employee option in your active employee list. Once they begin working for you again you can grant them system access again by unarchiving them from the same location.

  • May 13, 2015
  • New Features

Archive Court Cases and Locations

One of the many time saving functions in ServeManager is its ability to save data and quickly pull it up on demand later. Occasionally though there may be a saved court case or location you no longer want to find. You can now archive old court cases or locations, which will prevent them from autofilling when entering jobs.

To do this, open the Court Cases section on the left, then either click on the Court Cases or Courts tabs. Each entry that is present was either entered directly from this same screen, or was saved when you created the job it's associated with. Click on the entry, there's a good chance you may want to archive all of the jobs associated with this court case or court location and you can do that from this page. Check off the jobs you wish to archive and select Archive Jobs from the mass action. Once this is complete, or if you'd prefer not to archive your jobs, you can archive the court location or court case entry with the Archive button in the upper right.


Archiving unused court locations and cases is especially useful if you find that many of your courts have similar names, but you almost never complete work for a few of those locations that you've had only one or two jobs for in the past. Once it's archived, it will no longer pull up from the autocomplete function in ServeManager.

  • April 22, 2015
  • New Features

ServeManager API

We've been working on an API for ServeManager and are now at a point where we can release it to you our users. API stands for Application Program Interface and what it will allow you and your internal developers do is link our system, ServeManager, with an internally developed tool you may be using in your day to day.

To request access to the system and begin working with our API, or if you have any inquiries please contact us. The documentation for the API can be found here. The tools we've laid out for you should enable you to do some great things. We're excited to see what you build!


  • April 15, 2015
  • New Features

Mass Issue Invoices

We have added the option to mass issue draft invoices. To do so, please navigate to your Companies menu and select the company you'd like to issue invoices for. Once you're in the particular company, select the Invoices tab under the company name. From here, similar to how you can mass apply payment, check as many Draft invoices as you'd like from the list. The Options menu that appears now includes an option to Issue.



  • March 10, 2015
  • New Features

Additional Job Filters

There are now additional date range filter options. You can now filter by Court Date or by Date Filed from the main Jobs page. This info is entered when entering the court case information on a job. Stay ahead of your clients' court dates and make sure your work is done in a timely manner using this filter.


  • February 22, 2015
  • New Features

View All Service Attempts

We've added an Attempts tab, from this screen you can monitor all service attemps on jobs for your company. You can filter or search for specific servers both in company and out, as well as filter by date. This is an especially useful screen when acting as your company's dispatcher in the office as events are displayed in chronological order and can be refreshed it in real time.


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