Change of Address Request and Other New Forms

In the last few weeks we have added several new forms to the program. The most broadly useful form is Exhibit 5-2b, Request for Change of Address of Boxholder Information Needed for Service of Legal Process. This form can be used to request new address information on difficult to track down recipients from the United States Postal Service. The majority of the form will autofill based on your job details. 


Access Forms and Affidavits

To generate the form open any job or create a new one. When in the job press New Affidavit and use the template drop down to find the Nationwide section, you'll find the change of address form listed here.



Other Recent Forms

Additional forms we've added are CH-200 for California, CCDR 055 and CCDR 056 for Maryland, and MC01 and MC11 for Michigan. All users may access these new affidavits by using the above instructions. These particular forms will be listed under the appropriate state.


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