Remove and Reassign Collaborated Jobs

You can now remove and reassign jobs between collaborators on jobs that you've created. Previously you were locked into a company once a job was assigned to a collaborator. This situation was fine when the server you were working with was able to complete the job, but if you had to switch servers in the middle of the job you were not able to do so.

When you unassign a job from a collaborator any work they've completed and shared with you will still be present. They will retain a read only copy on their end for the records. Once you've removed them from the job you can assign the job to another server whether they be an employee or another contractor. If you've accidentally assigned a job to the wrong collaborating client company you can now also remove and reassign the job to a different client.

To reassign a job from a collaborator, open the job and click Edit in the upper right. Next to the selected company there is a Remove link. Click this and it will remove the company from the job, freeing you up to assign it to someone else.


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