Set Company Invoice Terms and Products

You've long been able to create products and select default products from the Products page and also set invoice terms in the Settings page, but up until now these have been limited to account wide selections. Now you can assign these based on an individual company.

Over time or in order to secure a client you may agree on unique service prices or terms with your clients. Once you have several clients with their own unique terms it can become a task in itself to remember how everyone is charged. By being able to set these terms and default products per company you no longer need to worry about charging everyone the right price. 

Setup Your Invoice Products

You'll still create your products in the same manner. To do so click Accounting on the left and then the Products tab. Any default products you set here will still be your general default set for companies that don't have specific defaults.


 Set Your Companies' Defaults

Once your products are created you can now set defaults on an individual company basis by opening the company from the Companies page. Click the Edit button on the top right of the Company page to access these new options.


From here anything you enter in the Terms boxes will be used for invoice terms for this particular company. Anything you check off of the Products list here will be set as the default products for new invoices for the selected company.


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