Advanced Edit and Modifiable Affidavits

We've been rolling out a new function for our affidavits called Advanced Edit. At this point all available templates have been converted into our new format which supports this function. In addition we've made changes behind the scenes that will allow us to modify our existing templates to better fit your needs. If you find that you begin editing your affidavits with the same changes on each job, let us know and we can look at making a modification to your template with your requested changes. If you need further modifications to the point where you may need a custom document, please contact us and we can discuss your needs. Custom documents may incur additional charges.

When working on an affidavit, to access Advanced Edit click the button on the top left of the document.

Advanced Edit Button

This will make the entirety of the document you're working on editable. Not only can you change the data that filled in based on your service attempts and job details, but you can adjust the previously non editable text.

Advanced Edit Screen

This is useful in the scenario when perhaps the word "plaintiff" isn't accurate for your case, perhaps you need to use something more along the lines of "minor child" for a family law case. Whatever change you might need to make can now be completed on a single edit basis.

In addition to altering the content, you can also adjust certain formatting such as making items bold, italic, or underlining them. Highlight the text you wish to alter and a tool to make this selection will appear.


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