Archive Court Cases and Locations

One of the many time saving functions in ServeManager is its ability to save data and quickly pull it up on demand later. Occasionally though there may be a saved court case or location you no longer want to find. You can now archive old court cases or locations, which will prevent them from autofilling when entering jobs.

To do this, open the Court Cases section on the left, then either click on the Court Cases or Courts tabs. Each entry that is present was either entered directly from this same screen, or was saved when you created the job it's associated with. Click on the entry, there's a good chance you may want to archive all of the jobs associated with this court case or court location and you can do that from this page. Check off the jobs you wish to archive and select Archive Jobs from the mass action. Once this is complete, or if you'd prefer not to archive your jobs, you can archive the court location or court case entry with the Archive button in the upper right.


Archiving unused court locations and cases is especially useful if you find that many of your courts have similar names, but you almost never complete work for a few of those locations that you've had only one or two jobs for in the past. Once it's archived, it will no longer pull up from the autocomplete function in ServeManager.

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