Search Jobs by ZIP Code

We recently made some alterations to our search function within ServeManager, both changing how it searches for information and what information you can search for.

You can now search for email addresses which can be useful when creating and editing your Companies. In addition the program will now search for a full string of characters when using hyphens. Previously we would have split up a search for something like ABC-3347 into a search for "ABC" and/or "3347." This could make finding your particular job when using a Client Job Number difficult. Now the program will search for an exact match of "ABC-3347," preventing you from locating similar but incorrect jobs.

Perhaps the most useful addition to the Search function is searching by ZIP code. From the Jobs or Map pages you can enter a ZIP code and only view jobs within that particular ZIP code. This can be especially useful in assigning jobs to a particular server, or just planning your routes for the day. Finish one ZIP code in the morning and start a route for a second ZIP code in the afternoon.


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