New Employee Functions

We've adjusted a few items concerning deleting employees. Previously you could delete an employee and it would remove them from your active list and prevent them from logging in, but they would remain tied to your account. You can still do this, but it works a little bit differently now.

From the Employees page you can now open an individual employee and it will show you their contact info as well as the jobs you've assigned to them, similar to how opening a court case or court location works now.


The new function we've added which functions largely like the old Delete Employee option did is Archive Employee. This is located on the top right next to the Edit button. This will log your employee out and prevent them from logging in. They will still be associated with your account, but will not show up as an employee option in your active employee list. Once they begin working for you again you can grant them system access again by unarchiving them from the same location.

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