Export Your Contacts for Mass Emails

We recently added an option to export your data from various pages into a CSV file. One useful action, especially being the holiday season, is using this data for mass emailing of your client or contract companies. Please refer to the Export page above for instructions on how to create the CSV file. Once you have this file, please open it within your spreadsheet program of choice. Some good examples are Excel, OpenOffice, or Google Spreadsheets.



Depending on if you'd like to email your Law Firm, Attorney or Contractor contacts you can sort the Company Type column to view only the desired type.

Look for the Primary Contact Email column and highlight all of the email addresses you wish to email in the column. This can be done by left clicking the first email, scrolling to last desired email, holding the Shift key and then left clicking the final email. At this point, copy these emails to your clipboard by right clicking and choosing copy or pressing control/command C.

Login to your email account and compose a new message. We would recommend you use the BCC field and not the normal To field as this will prevent your recipients from seeing all of the other email addresses the message was sent to. Paste the email addresses into the BC filed by right clicking it and choosing paste, or by pressing control/command V. Most email programs and websites should recognize you are pasting a set of email addresses and will separate them for you.

At this point you can compose the message you'd like to send to the entered list. This could be a general update on your business, something you'd like to inform all of your contractors on, or even a holiday message from your company to theirs.

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