Server Pay Improvements

ServeManager's Server Pay feature helps account owners keep track of how and when they are paying their staff servers and contractors for completed jobs.

Originally developed in 2018, we have continued to listen to user feedback and insight into how to improve this feature even further.

The newest iteration of Server Pay allows for additional customization and categorization to help increase workflow efficiencies and manage payroll operations.

When entering a new job, the Server Pay field allows users to note an amount they are paying their employee/contractor for the job. Default rates can be entered in your account settings and per employee or contractor, depending on how you pay different servers for different jobs.

server payables5

Our newest update includes the ability to create a payables list. These payables can represent the different rates you pay your Servers. Instead of manually typing out the amount and description, you can choose from a dropdown list when creating a new job, or when reassigning an existing job to a new Server (the system will even ask if you want to keep or delete the payable for the previously listed Server).

server payables2

To add payables, go to MY ACCOUNT > SETTINGS > SERVER PAY and press the Manage button next to Account-Wide Payables, or click here.

server payables

After adding payables, you can choose to set a default payable to appear when creating a new job. Specific rates for Contractors can override the account default by directly editing the Contractor from the Companies Menu. 

server payables3

Server Payables can be updated within the job, either marking the payable as paid, editing the amount, and deleting the payable. The Server Pay tab will display a table breakdown of all payables across all jobs, including already paid payables, and payables still owed. The Process Servers tab gives a breakdown summary of outstanding balances owed to each server, from here users can select a specific server and mark multiple payables as paid through a single mass action.

server payables4

Stay tuned as we continue to improve upon Server Pay, including customizing default payables for Employees. This update will be coming in near future.


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