Feature Update: Signed Affidavit Filter And Attachment Tagging

ServeManager's latest feature updates introduce a new filter for signed affidavits, as well as a tagging system for affidavit attachments in jobs.

Signed/Unsigned Affidavit Filter

Our Jobs Index now includes an additional filter option that allows you to view jobs based on the status of the affidavit: Signed or Unsigned. Previously, users could only filter jobs depending on whether an affidavit had been created or not.

aff filter1

aff filter 5

The 'None' option will show all jobs without a saved affidavit.

Selecting 'Unsigned' will display jobs that contain affidavits, but none of them are signed.

The 'Signed' option will display all jobs that have at least one signed affidavit.

If you prefer the previous method of filtering jobs based on the presence of a created affidavit, simply select both boxes to view all jobs with a created affidavit.

Affidavit Attachment Tags

When you upload a miscellaneous attachment to a job, you now have the ability to designate the upload as an affidavit.

aff filter2

After selecting "Upload is an affidavit", another checkbox will appear: "Affidavit is signed". Click this to designate the file as a signed affidavit. If the file is not a signed affidavit, leave the "Affidavit is signed" option unselected.

The attachment will be added to the Uploads section.

aff filter3

It will also appear in the Affidavit section of the job.

aff filter4

The "Signed" tag will be applied based on whether the "Affidavit is signed" option was selected.

Please note that there's no requirement to print and sign affidavits if your electronic signature is valid. An applied electronic signature automatically tags the affidavit as "Signed". If your District accepts electronic signatures, you won't need to adjust your workflow. This feature was introduced in response to requests from users who work in areas that still require a wet signature, providing a better way to track their work and filter for jobs based on the status of the affidavits.

As always, feel free to Contact Us with any questions, comments, or concerns at any time.

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