Pro Series: Custom Fields and Documents

Customize Your Documents

We recently made it possible to modify individual documents using Advanced Edit. This change also make changes to your account's document templates behind the scenes. If you find that you make a few changes to your affidavits each and every time, contacting us about modifying this document template for you could end up saving you hundreds of hours of your time. Many of our users have already taken advantage of this time saving service.

Custom Docs

We won't charge your account anything until after we've discussed pricing and a plan of action. Please Contact us to go over your document needs.

I CANNOT thank you enough for the time you all spent with me a couple of weeks ago. [My office was] able to close out 80 files on Monday morning from the Servers... Before? That would have taken someone close to 9 hours. We were able to knock it out in about 5.5 hours!! AMAZING!!

-ServeManager User

Add Custom Fields to New Jobs

In addition to modifying document templates we can also provide you with the option to include Custom Fields to the New Job screen. Do you generally need some additional info on your jobs that our fields currently don't accommodate? So long as you know what data you will be entering at the job creation process, we can provide you with a custom field for this info. We can then use this field to help populate your field sheets and affidavits. A number of our users use the program for things other than process of service. There are users entering Private Investigation jobs, Courier jobs, Document retrieval and so forth. An example use of a custom field would be adding a field for the opposing party's attorney info.

Attorney Info

Start a Free Trial

Start a free trial today to access all of our existing document templates, including affidavits, field sheet, address request form, subpoenas and more.

Start Free Trial

Upgrade your free trial to a subscription, so you can request additional documents.

Request a Custom Document or Field

To request a custom document, modifications to an existing template, or a new custom field, please contact customer support or call us at (800) 280-4400.

There is a small fee per custom document, and only subscribers can request custom documents.

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