ServeManager Directory Improvements

The goal of the ServeManager Directory has always been to have current users find other current users to serve process in areas outside of their normal service area. A way to help you find a server already trained in the tools you use and easily facilitate job sharing.

The ServeManager Directory now searches by location in a more true sense of the word. Once you enter your service address, city and state, or ZIP the program will determine where on a map that location falls. The search will then find any ServeManager companies within a radius around the search point. This means if you search for Denver, CO and there were no matches, you'd automatically also see any matches from adjacent areas such as Greenwood Village, Aurora, Colorado Springs, and so forth up to the maximum radius.


To search for other current ServeManager users click Companies on the left and then the ServeManager Directory tab. From here you can search by address. This list is opt in so the only users that will be found are users that have chosen to join the list. To enable this for your own account click My Account and then Settings. At the bottom is an option to "Show my company in the ServeManager Directory." Once you do this and save your changes your company will become a possible hit in the ServeManger Directory. Only subscribed users can access and be part of the ServeManager Directory.

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