Mass Print Documents

You can now mass print not only your Affidavits, but also Field Sheets, Documents to be Served, and Invoices.

You will still create individual Affidavits and Invoices like normal, but you can combine these file types as well as any PDFs that have been uploaded to Document to be Served and any Field Sheets, into single large files. When you choose to mass print all of the documents will be grouped by job meaning one job's files will be in order, then the next job's and so forth.

To Mass Print Documents go to the Jobs page or an individual Company's Jobs page and apply any Filters you might like to use. Once that's done check off any job from the list you'd like to print documents for. Once your list is complete use the Options menu and choose Print Documents.


Now you can select which of the 4 eligible documents you'd like to print. Once satisfied click Generate PDF to create your print file. You'll be taken to the Downloads page where the file will be at the top of the list. Depending on the number of documents included this may take a moment to generate. Once complete you can download the file and either send it to your printer or save it to your hard drive to send an email to your client with the file.


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