ServeManager + Erin’s List Integration aims to keep process servers safe

Erin's List + ServeManager

Get notified when you’re serving an address in Erin’s List Database

ServeManager is excited to share an integration that we’ve built with Erin’s List, a growing database focused on process server safety. When you’re creating a job, the service address you enter can be cross-referenced with the Erin’s List database. If there’s a "hit" (an address that’s with 1,000 feet of the address you enter), you will then receive an email alerting you that this could be a potentially dangerous address.

Here’s what you need to get this set-up:

How it works:

  • ServeManager alerts Zapier's automation to start once a new job is created
  • Zapier then sends an alert to grab information from Erin's List
  • The information is compiled into an email and sent your way!

Setting It Up:

Once you've collected all the necessary accounts and API's, you can start setting up your Automatic Alert system through Zapier. Follow along with our Zapier template to get set up!

If you have any questions, please contact us and we’ll help you get this set up.

As the Erin’s List database grows and depending upon usage and demand, we’ll consider making the implementation of this feature more turnkey. 

For now, please register for Erin’s List and submit any addresses where you’ve encountered aggression or ones that have raised concern, and... STAY SAFE OUT THERE!!!

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