New API Functions

The API is a powerful tool that allows for softwares to communicate with one another. Typically ServeManager users use the API key toconnect with Zapier to then connect with their third party software of choice.  With this new functionality, you can (and we recommend) generate a seperate API key for every integration you create. This way if issues arise, the problem would be isolated.

Previously API keys were generated by sending us an email. Now you have the power to generate these yourself by following the below staps:

  1. Select My Account, and then the settings tab. Scroll to the bottom of that page and select manage in the integration section.
  2. Select New API Key. In the generated box, give your key a title and save.
  3. To manage your keys, you can select the API title, and to view the key you can select display key. This page also shows you the last time the key was used, and by what application.


API keys are a powerful tool in allowing you to integrate with other softwares. We recommend treating API keys like your login information, and not sharing these keys to anyone unknown or posting these keys in a public place. We also recommend not reusing an API key across services. You can read more information about our API capabilities here.


Please contact us with any comments questions or concerns.

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