ServeManager Directory Collaboration Easier Than Ever!

The ServeManager Directory has always been a great resource for finding fellow users to collaborate and share jobs with. Our most recent update makes the collaboration process even easier!

In the past, users were required to create a job and create a contractor company before they could assign the job and send the collaboration invitation. Recently, we have updated the ServeManager Directory so that you can directly send an invitation to collaborate before the job is entered into the system.

When searching the directory by address, zip code, city, or state, the resulting list of local process servers will generate as usual (as always, please note that this list is opt in so the only users that will be found are users that have chosen to join the list). With our new update you now you have the option of sending a collaboration invitation when sending a message to the prospect.

Directory Update

Sending the invitation will automatically create an entry in your company list for that contractor. Once the collaborator accepts the invitation, the collaboration symbol will appear next to their company name in your company list, and when you assign a job to them it will appear in their ServeManager account as well. 

As a reminder, you can choose to be listed in the ServeManager Directory by turning on the option in your account settingsTo enable this for your own account click My Account and then Settings. At the bottom is an option to "Show my company in the ServeManager Directory." Once you do this and save your changes your company will appear as an entry in the ServeManger Directory. Only subscribed users can access and be part of the ServeManager Directory.

As always, you can contact us with any comments, questions, or concerns.

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