Customizing ServeManager For Different Job Types

ServeManager is quickly becoming a tool utilized by not only process servers, but other professionals in the legal world. Private Investigators, Court Filing, Records Retrieval, all can be accommodated within ServeManager’s open and customizable platform! 

Located in your account settings are the tools to modify job statuses, service instructions, and attempt descriptions; along with the convenience of storing information for plaintiffs, defendants, recipients, and document titles you work with on a frequent basis.

The first section of your settings is where you can customize the various aspects of ServeManager based on your workflow preferences.  

How To Add Custom Job Statuses:

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1. First, from any page, click MY ACCOUNT

2. Click the SETTINGS tab

3. Click the MANAGE button in the job status section.


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You can customize and add up to fifteen different job statuses from this screen. These statuses can be applied when creating a new job, or updated from the main job list using the Options Pulldown Menu. These statuses can be used to filter your job list so only specific jobs appear, great for quickly isolating jobs of a certain type. (Note: Job statuses will appear in parentheses above the service status on the right-hand side of the job entry in the job list.


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Customized Service Instructions

You can customize default service instructions that can be quickly applied to different jobs during creation. This is good if you have multiple employees or offer different services and need to specifically designate what type of job your employee is completing for you.


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Frequent Information

If your work tends to involve the same individuals on a frequent basis, you can add frequent recipients, plaintiffs and defendants in the following sections. These entries will appear as autofill options when creating new work. Additionally, you can save frequent document titles to autofill in the DOCUMENTS TO BE SERVED section of a new job.


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Customized Attempt Descriptions

You can also save default attempt descriptions to choose from when creating a new service attempt. This lets you pick and choose from a list of saved descriptions when saving the attempt.


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Using a combination of custom statuses, instructions, and descriptions, you can easily designate different job types within your account. You will still be able to use the full features of the program in terms of logging attempts, creating notes and affidavits, and drafting invoices to send to your client. Obviously different job types may not require a service attempt to be made, however you can still create and manage the job in order to track data and send updates relevant to the completion of that job. 

Customize ServeManager Even Further

ServeManager also offers custom documents and custom fields that can be added to your account to aid in managing and completing different legal support jobs. By building custom fields that can appear when creating new jobs, we can then map these fields to the areas of your custom document so it takes a bulk of the prep work out of your schedule. 

More and more companies are using ServeManager to assist in their investigation reports, photocopy subpoenas, records retrieval, and other legal/courier work. Click here to learn more about how users are optimizing ServeManager for their various job types.

You can talk with our development team about customizing/building documents for your account that would assist in the efficiency of completing different jobs with the aid of ServeManager’s platform. Click here to visit our document submission page and start the conversation on how we can better assist your experience in ServeManager. 

As always, we strive to offer stellar customer service. You can send us any questions, comments or concerns via call or email and we will do our best to promptly respond and address and issues you may have. 

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